Is Imdb Free With Amazon Prime? (all You Need To Know)

If you decide to purchase the Amazon Prime subscription, you’ll also be able to enjoy other benefits such as an IMDb that’s completely free with Prime.

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Is IMDb Free with Amazon Prime In 2022?

You can watch thousands of movies and TV shows for free on IMDb TV provided that you have signed up for Amazon Prime, which is included with your Amazon account.

Please note that any copyrighted content you may come across will not be free, but Amazon does offer free viewing for short clips.

You’ve heard about the free perks of Amazon Prime: unlimited free 2-day shipping, unlimited free streaming of thousands of movies and TV episodes on multiple devices, and even free 30-day audiobook trials.

Do I Need to Log in to Amazon to Watch IMDb TV?

I watched the movie and I got a notification that there was something that I can do on my phone. After opening it I found out that the movie I watched was from Amazon Prime.

It will allow you to get your movie list by providing you a personalized movie-watching experience, and it will allow you to save your spot on various devices.

It will also allow you to play your content right away, even if you’re streaming it as you visit.

If you have a Prime membership, you can use the IMDb app, access IMDb TV content from the IMDb app, and access IMDb content from the Amazon website on Amazon Prime Video and the IMDb TV app.

What Devices Can I Stream IMDb TV Through Amazon?

The IMDb app is only available on the iPhone and iPod touch, and you can use it to watch movies and television shows that you have already watched on IMDb, as well as to see additional IMDb content.

Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS, Roku, Xbox One, and the web.

Is Amazon Part of IMDb?

IMDb TV was recently acquired by Amazon, which is why you don’t need to have an Amazon Prime subscription to watch content through the app.

Amazon Studios is just the name under which IMDb TV now exists. Amazon Prime members can watch content just like they can Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services on IMDb TV.

Does IMDb TV Have Advertisements?

IMDb TV can only be used with a standard cable TV subscription or a paid plan through a digital video service. However, there are many free services available which include cable-free alternatives like YouTube TV and Pluto TV.

Unfortunately, no matter what time you start the show, the ads still come on automatically at every three to five minutes.

Can You Buy IMDb TV Content Through Amazon Prime?

If you want to purchase something, such as an e-book, with Amazon Prime, you can buy it through the app.

Do Amazon Prime Video Parental Controls Work on IMDb TV?

If you have downloaded the IMDb TV app for your Kindle Fire tablet or Amazon Fire TV, it will save your parental control settings.

The device will prompt you to enter your parent’s PIN.

The device is able to differentiate between your children and you.

Although not available on other platforms, this restriction did prove to be an issue as parents complained that the app’s access to the TV show and movie database was not being controlled by the same means as on the desktop.

Is IMDb TV Worth Watching on Amazon Prime Video?

IMDb TV only features content from the IMDb website, so if you like to watch movies and television shows you’ll probably be disappointed.

Moreover, the advertisements are shorter than what you’re used to seeing on TV. In addition, you can easily read through each and every advertisement or advertisement.

And to find the old shows that you love, but you can’t find anywhere else, Netflix can be an exceptional option.

You should also learn about our posts on how you can keep the most out of your Amazon Prime membership, and what you can do on Amazon, such as reading reviews and buying products, as well as watch Amazon VOD and Prime Instant Video (Amazon Instant Video). You can even use Amazon to play Xbox games by downloading them from the Microsoft store.


The IMDb TV app is free for everyone, but it gets ads and is only supported by Amazon Prime for people with an account.

You don’t even need to log in your Amazon account to watch IMDb TV unless you want to be able to save your viewing progress and get personalized content recommendations.

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