Amazon Look Inside Not Working (10 Potential Fixes + Faqs)

If you are having issues with Amazon Look Inside not working, and want to know how to fix the problem so you can read inside of a book and preview it, you’re in the right place.

If yes, I’ve been researching some potential fixes for the issue and I have found some neat solutions that will certainly improve your WordPress experience!

Why Isn’t Amazon Look Inside Working In 2022?

If you have noticed that Amazon Look inside isn’t working, the best fix would be to clear your browsing data from the browser that you’re using. Additionally, you can try to log out of your Amazon account and back in or you can restart your device.

There are so many fixes for Amazon Look Inside not working, not going to be able to cover them all!

1. Clear Browsing Data

In order to fix Amazon Look Inside, you have to clear your browsing history and delete the information you have stored from the search giant.

Firefox users can clear their browsing data by first going to the “About Firefox” section in the menu and then click on ‘Help’.

In the Help section, click on ‘Troubleshooting Information’.

2. Restart Your Device

If you can’t view the content of your item using Amazon Look Inside, you might need to restart your device. It might be able to help you if you are trying to access content on an Amazon Kindle, an iPad, a smartphone or another device.

The problem could be a bunch of different things, like your RAM or something like that, or your SSD, but in this case it’s probably the SSD. This would mean there are bad sectors or something that can’t be read or written to.

3. Disable Add-Ons

When you are using add-ons, you should disable them all and then restart your browser to see if the Amazon Look Inside feature will work as normal.

To use a background theme, script, or font with Amazon Look Inside requires that it be either installed as a browser plug-in, or run as a system service.

If you have a background theme, script, or font runnig on the server that is interfering with your ability to pull up an Amazon Look Inside preview, make sure these are not installed as browser plug-ins and that the server is not running them as a system service.

4. Disable VPN

To ensure your Amazon Look Inside search results are properly synced to your devices, you must use your own Amazon Account in order to search.

5. Use a Different Browser

Sometimes, Look Inside will be stuck on Amazon’s servers for a random amount of time when you try to use it, so try to use a different browser to see if that fixes your problem.

If you do not like the Look Inside feature in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, you can load it up in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

6. Use a Different Device

If turning your phone on and off and switching browsers didn’t work then it’s probably best to try switching devices.

You can illustrate this by switching from your laptop to a smartphone or tablet and seeing if the Look Inside loads properly.

7. Log Out & Back Into Your Amazon Account

If the issue that you are having is that your Kindle is not charging, a simple fix would be to log out of your Amazon account and back in, and you wouldn’t believe how many times this simple fix will work!

make sure that you are using the correct login credentials and if you do not have it saved, you need to make sure that you are logged out before you log out.

8. Update the Amazon App

You may need to update your internet browser’s version, or to have the latest app on your smartphone, in order to load up Look Inside on the Amazon app.

If the app has been disabled, it may indicate that it has a security issue and could potentially have been compromised, therefore requiring your attention.

You will see an “UPDATE” icon if there is a new update available, just download it, go back to the app, and it should work again.

9. Check Your Internet Connection & Reboot Router

Sometimes the service has issues with connection speed, which can cause Amazon Look Inside to not work, to load properly, or simply to have other issues.

If your wireless router does not seem to be working, please take it back to the store and have your ISP check if there is a firmware update that can be applied.

10. Check Down Detector

Amazon servers run into problems sometimes due to technical errors or having too many people on at once so it’s a good idea to check the Down Detector to see if there are down issues for the site.

And if the server is down due to an attack, then all your traffic should be automatically routed to another server so that you don’t lose any traffic.

What Is Amazon Look Inside?

People who have Kindle books can access their look inside books and the look inside book can be read online or on the Kindle app.

However, readers who are interested in the book will have an opportunity to read the first chapter of each of the books, which are available to preview.

Does Amazon Still Have Look Inside?

Amazon still has Look Inside which is a feature that allows you to see the cover and page preview, but like some other things on Amazon, it has been taken down.

Other publishers have started requiring that if you want to preview their book that you have previously purchased their book.

Although you can’t see it, Amazon will still give you some pages to preview from a book, even if you don’t meet the requirements.

How Do I Turn on the Look Inside Feature on Amazon?

There is no need to turn on or to turn on anything to use the Look Inside feature of the book. Simply view the book image to bring up the arrows that let you look inside, and the text of the inside front cover. As you can see, the inside front cover is highlighted. It will also show you the front cover. If you click the inside front cover, you can click the arrows to go to the inside back cover.

To ensure that you view the correct versions, click or touch your device’s browser’s back button or press “Esc” to exit the browser.
If you continue to see an unreadable page after the browser closes, then you may be using a browser that is newer than the one shown in this video. Learn more about managing your browser

Please let us know if you still continue to have trouble.

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If you still have problems with “Look Inside,” try switching to an older version of your browser. You can also clear data by going to Internet Options and deleting your browser history. Sometimes it helps to log out and back in again.

In some regions it is not possible to check your service. We will try to check your internet connection by sending a ping request.

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