Amazon Chat Not Working (10 Potential Fixes + Other Faqs)

Amazon doesn’t provide support for Amazon chat and there are a few reasons why. If you’re looking for ways to fix Amazon chat or to use it to contact customer support, read on.

First, you’re better off contacting Amazon via their customer support email at

Here are a bunch of tips to help you fix your browser’s “Failed to load resource” when you try to load anything online…

Why Isn’t Amazon Chat Working In 2022?

If the Amazon Chat on your device is not working then you need to restart your device for possible memory issues or issues with RAM. You also could have a good Internet connection and refresh your browser to see if that solves the problem.

I see that there are other ways you could fix your Amazon chat so it would not be acting the way it is. If you are interested in learning more about this, then continue reading below or you can ask the question directly to Amazon customer support.

1. Refresh Your Web Browser

If the chat doesn’t work, you can try to refresh your web browser and see if that fixes the issue. Sometimes the chat can hang up while loading and a refresh will solve that.

2. Reboot Your PC

The other option is to reboot your computer, which is something that can only be done by unplugging the computer and plugging it back in again. It is a very quick process, but it can sometimes cause problems with your files and programs if you don’t do it right.

Your chat function on Amazon is not working because you have
something wrong with your computer.

3. Reboot Your Mobile Device

Also, if you’re experiencing issues sending messages to Amazon through the mobile app, reboot your device to clear out old data.

For those who have a device that isn’t completely supported by the operating system, you can clear your cache or RAM issues that could be causing chat not to work, and it will help your mobile device run better regardless and restore performance.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

If you can’t login to Amazon’s website, you need a better Internet connection. Make sure that the connection is stable and doesn’t have any issues.

If you go to the bathroom or other places and come back, you will notice that your browsing speed has dropped.

5. Log Out & Back Into Amazon

A possible fix you could try would be to log out and then when you are logged back into Amazon and it is still not working to see if that helps.

6. Use a Different Device

You can try to use your mobile web browser or your mobile app to see if you can contact your Amazon seller account and see if that works.

7. Clear Your Cache

If you are using a mobile device or computer, you can fix Amazon chat by clearing your cache. It can take a couple of minutes.

For example, if you’re using the Firefox/Firefox for Android/Firefox on Android browser on your device, just go into “History” and then select “Clear Recent History” and choose the timeframe you want to clear.

If you have “Enable Cloudfront” turned on in your Fire TV, you’ll need to clear the cache in order to see the full version of the Amazon Fire TV Channel.

8. Disable Add-Ons

You could try to disable all other add-ons running on your web browser to see if one of them is interfering with the Amazon chat web client, since you don’t have a lot of experience with other add-ons.

However, if the add-on still isn’t working, you may need to restart your browser and then refresh the chat page.

9. Check to See If Amazon Is Down

It is not that Amazon often has issues with their servers, nor that there is nothing you can do but wait for Amazon to fix the problem, it just does.

When you start a purchase from Amazon, the Amazon website might take some time to load. You can check a website like Down Detector to see if Amazon is up and working, which allows you to see if the problem is on your end or Amazon’s.

10. Use a Different Browser

Lastly, you can try to fix the Amazon chat error by using a different browser, such as switching from Firefox to Google Chrome.

=== Error: You cannot purchase an item when this website is not hosted in a country that requires a VPN connection. ===

Amazon requires that you have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to use the Amazon chat.

Depending on your browser, there could be a setting that is causing a problem. Switch to another browser and see if the problem goes away.

Does Amazon Have a Chat App?

1. Open the Amazon App, and choose the Menu icon.
2. Then, select Help from the menu.
3. Next, select Contact Us, and follow the prompts.

Does Amazon Have 24/7 Customer Service?

Amazon does have 24/7 customer service to help customers and you can contact Amazon any time of the day or night through email, chat, or phone.

We just replaced all our phone numbers with Amazon phone numbers — even the phone number on our website is Amazon phone number.

Our team of experts will use all the available tools to help you solve the problem.

We can’t guarantee a successful recovery, but we’ll do our best.

Thank you for your patience.


If you’ve discovered the Amazon chat isn’t working, you’re able to resolve the problem by reloading the website, logging in and out of your Amazon account, or checking your internet.

If you can’t find the content you’re looking for, you can also clear the cache on your browser or the Amazon app, reboot your PC or mobile device, or use a different browser or device to see if that fixes the issue.

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