Amazon Canada Not Working (13 Potential Fixes + Other Faqs)

I’m trying to log in and was thinking that it’s not working. I want to know if anything has been done to fix it.

I have been researching this topic and have found some truly great workarounds and fixes that you can implement.

Why Isn’t Amazon Canada Working In 2022?

If you can load the webpage in another tab or browser, you can check if the issue is because of your Internet connection, or if it’s because of your device. You can also try a different device. However, you can also try and refresh the page if it isn’t loading.

You could try to clear your browser bookmarks, as a
temporary solution. If your current browser is Firefox, you can click
here to find it.
There is also
a button in the bottom left corner of the screen that you can click to
reset your Web browser cache, but I don’t think this is the solution
you are looking for.

1. Try Another Browser

If you can’t get Amazon Canada to work, then you may want to try another browser on the device you’re using to access the website.

I am able to access and purchase from Amazon in all other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) on the same device.

It’s not ideal, but you may be able to use Edge as a workaround, but it will not work for all websites.

2. Disable Add-Ons

Having browser extensions like add-ons can cause sites to not load properly or interfere with the coding on websites like Amazon Canada.

This usually means that Amazon has identified a problem with the website and has already submitted a ticket to fix their website.

My solution for the issue is very similar to [the original solution][original]. I had to disable all of my add-ons on my computer first, then I restarted my computer, and it worked.

3. Clear Your Cookies

When you load Amazon Canada you could have problems where it will simply load without opening all of the pages that are supposed to be loaded.

To do this with Google Chrome, simply go into “Options” and select “History” and select “Empty the Cache.” After you hit “OK,” you can refresh the page.

4. Clear Your Cache

Another common browser issue that could cause Amazon Canada to not work is cache issues. These can often be solved simply by clearing your cache within your browser.

Go into “History” and make sure that “Clear Recent History” is checked. Then, look for the box for “Cache” and make sure that’s checked. Hit “OK” and reload the page.

5. Check the “Is It Down Right Now” Page

It’s possible that it’s just on your end. You can check Is It Down Right Now to see if Amazon Canada is down for everyone or if the issue is just on your end.

I am not sure if you are looking for information about or the Amazon app for iPhone and Android. Unfortunately, Amazon’s site is not down, so I do not think you will get much information here.

6. Issue Could Be Amazon & You Have to Wait It Out

There are times when the Amazon Canada website isn’t working because of issues with Amazon Web Services. This can be a problem and take all of Amazon down or just some parts of Amazon.

If you run into this problem, there’s nothing you can do to fix it and you’ll need to wait for Amazon to fix AWS before you will be able to load the site again.

7. Try a Different Device

Another Browser doesn’t fix the problem but you can try to login using another device to see if you have the same issue on a different device.

Remember that you may need to connect your laptop to your TV if the Amazon app isn’t showing or the display doesn’t look the way that you expected.

8. Force Close Amazon App & Reopen

Now when you open the Amazon app again on your device, you might see that there is a dialog asking you to allow it to use your financial data, or else you will have to close your account altogether.

9. Disable VPN

Amazon is known to have a negative bias towards VPN providers and will block you from accessing Amazon websites and services if you’re using a VPN.

If you have an Amazon app, especially one on your smartphone, you need to turn off any VPN you’ve got running on the device itself as well.

10. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device usually fixes a lot of issues with apps and other computer programs like Amazon, and fixing Amazon often fixes other issues.

Furthermore, restarting a computer or even a mobile device can be a way of clearing out DNS issues, cache, and cookie issues, and can improve the overall performance of the device.

11. Delete & Reinstall the Amazon App

If you have the Amazon app installed on your device, you could try clearing the Amazon app’s cache by long pressing the app until it appears in the Apps list.

12. Check Your Internet Connection

You may want to check your internet connection to see if you’ve got an internet connection and make sure your connection is strong if you’re having a hard time downloading Amazon Canada.

13. Update the Amazon Canada App

When you use more than one shopping or comparison website you may end up being distracted by the comparison ads and affiliate links on these pages.

If you have trouble receiving messages on your phone, you can try turning off the app update for the message app. You’ll need to find the app on your phone or in your Google Play store.

Is Amazon Prime Working in Canada?

With a Prime Membership, you’ll always have a box full of free DVDs from Amazon Video, including TV shows and movies to watch at no extra cost, wherever you are.

Why Is My Amazon Canada App Not Working?

The app might not work because it’s too old. If the problem persists please check the app, update the app to the latest version and force-stop the app.

If you can see this, you can help prevent this from happening to other people by closing the browser window.


You may want to try to switch to a different browser.
You may also want to try on a different device.
Finally, you can shut off your device and try to turn it back on.

If you think the issue is with the app, you can clear the cache and cookies, delete and reinstall the app, and even just check if you have a solid connection.

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