Amazon Captcha Not Working (7 Potential Fixes + Faqs)

There are times when trying to use Amazon or trying to access Amazon’s Cloud service and you are having trouble logging in, and you might be wondering how to get around this issue.

If your problem is related to the way that you are reading this article, you can find lots of good information below. You can use the links below to find out some of the best potential fixes for this problem.

Why Isn’t Amazon Captcha Working In 2022?

If you’re in a situation where the Amazon captcha isn’t working, one of the best ways to solve this problem is to switch browsers. A good example is if you usually use Firefox and have run into this problem, try loading the page in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge because that often fixes the issue in 2022.

Want to learn more about extra ways to solve Amazon captcha not working problems and have more questions? Well, keep reading to learn all the interesting tips and tricks I’ve discovered!

1. Change Your Browser

One of the easiest ways to fix the Amazon captcha is to simply change your browser, which can be done on the same device you’re using to access the site.

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If you are someone that normally uses Google Chrome, and then switch to Firefox or Edge to see if that fixes the issue, even if it means downloading a new browser.

2. Use a Different Device

And you could try to see if the problem is on Amazon’s end, so maybe reinstall the same Amazon app if you don’t have many add-on apps on your computer.

3. Wait 15 or 20 Minutes and Retry

Sometimes the captcha will fix itself, if you have the time to wait and see what happens. If not, a good fix is to just submit the captcha a few times, because it’s usually a temporary problem and you’ll be able to see what works.

4. Clear Your Browser’s Cache

If you’re experiencing slow load times or any other issues, you can also try refreshing your browser to see if that fixes the issue.

Open up any site in your browser

Click the three dots at the top right and select Clear Recent History

Now, you’ll be able to see your most recent history and click it to clear out any old information

This process works in all modern browsers.

Browser’s cache may differ. It depends on the browser and on the device you’re using.

When you clear the cache (“Clear All Cache” in the browser), it should be able to load the content successfully.

5. Clear Browser Cookies

I think that if you clear out the cache (both in the browser and in your home directory), then this might resolve the captcha problem.

Firefox users can go into the “History” menu and select “Clear all recent history” and then choose the timeframe to clear the cookies,” or they can go to the “Privacy” menu.

For example, you may have to click “Clear” in the browser settings menu to force the browser to delete all of its cookies.

6. Reload the Page

If you waited too long, it could expire, which is a code that you have to enter, which means it won’t work if you try to enter the code after a certain amount of time.

In some cases, you cannot get a different captcha image. This is because the image server is not available or you already got the captcha image you want. In this case, try to reload the page or reload this page.

7. Contact AWS Support

If you have not enabled the webhook and your notifications aren’t working as expected, then contact Amazon Web Services Support to get further help, as it could be an internal Amazon issue and not on your end.

How Do I Turn off Amazon Captcha?

you cannot turn off the captcha in the AWS portal, and it’s part of the cloud, which means that this portal will need to be accessed by using the AWS console.

Is There a Captcha Solver?

You should not use captcha solvers for or other sites that you use, because they can save you a lot of time.


You can even integrate captcha into your app to keep the user’s experience consistent.

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If the Amazon captcha wasn’t working, you could potentially fix problems by changing your device or internet browser.

The last solution of this type is using a captcha API and not having to solve the puzzles yourself, but this is extremely expensive when you have to pay for each puzzle.

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