Amazon Kindle Return Policy (used, Opened Box, Damaged + More)

the Kindle e-Reader is a popular device for reading documents and ebooks on your device. With the Kindle e-Reader you can view thousands of books, magazines and newspapers.
You can read your purchased books even without connecting to the internet, with Kindle for Android app or Kindle app for iOS.
The Kindle e-Reader has a number of advantages. It is compatible with the Amazon Kindle Store for Kindle Apps. It has a comfortable design and light-weight and it reads all ebooks in the original format.

However, if a customer purchases an Amazon Kindle, they may be curious as to the return policy for Kindle. They may also be interested in knowing if and when Amazon will allow customers to return Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Return Policy In 2022

Amazon’s return policy for their Kindle e-reader falls under the “Amazon Devices” return policy. Customers purchasing Kindle readers can return their device within 30 days of receiving it. Additionally, Kindles can be returned or replaced if they arrive defective or damaged.

If you’re curious about how to process your Amazon return, there are a few things you should know. It’s very important to read this article in its entirety so that you’re thoroughly informed of all of the benefits that Amazon returns have to offer.

Can I Return an Amazon Kindle For Any Reason?

Customers who order a Kindle will receive email from Amazon stating that Amazon will no longer accept returns or exchanges if the customer has already received their device (or within 30 days of purchasing).

However, customer can return a Kindle for any reason including damage and even if the Kindle is broken. Customer can contact Amazon customer service if Kindle is damaged or faulty.

Can I Return a Kindle to Amazon That’s Been Opened?

If customers are not pleased with their Kindle Box or wish to return it shortly after opening, they will be able to return it as long as the packaging is still in good condition.

The warranty of an Amazon product is 30 days. You may return the product within the first 30 days if it is not defect. After that, the product is not eligible for warranty return.

We would also like to inform customers of certain circumstances that will result in the return or refund of a Kindle that is not in satisfactory condition.

Can I Return a Damaged Kindle to Amazon?

Kindle owners have no recourse if their Kindle malfunctions or they damage it.

Kindle owners have no recourse if their Kindle malfunctions or they damage it. Amazon has an internal system used by Kindle owners to report malfunctions, but that system is not accessible to owners and, therefore, the company can’t offer them help.

Although the Kindle owners can get help from Amazon if their Kindle is defective or damaged, this does not apply to Kindle books that have been uploaded at some point.

If a customer damaged their Kindle, brought it to a repair shop, and had it unsuccessfully tampered with, then Amazon could reject the Kindle back to the customer.

You can only return Kindle content within’s 14-day return period. You can’t return the Kindle to another retailer and expect to get a replacement, but you can return the Kindle to Amazon and have it repaired, or you can send it in for service with an authorized repair center. Kindle Content can also be returned to an authorized repair center within that return period.

With that being said, if the customer service rep is a good one and the damage is not too severe, they can make a payment to have your account restored.

Yes. Amazon will accept the Kindle for replacement or refund if damaged or defective, however, Amazon will not refund the shipping costs of sending the Kindle to Amazon.

Do I Have to Pay Shipping Fees to Return a Kindle to Amazon?

You have a choice to buy it or not. If you choose to buy the book and don’t like it, you can return it. If you don’t want to buy the book, that’s okay too, you don’t have to if you don’t want to purchase it. As long as you bought it you are required to return it in the condition you bought it.

If you ship it back to Amazon, I’m sure they’ll charge you for both the repair and shipping, plus whatever other costs they incur repairing it. It’s not something that’s in the best interests of a customer to have their Kindle broken.

How Do I Return a Kindle to Amazon?

To return items from your Amazon Kindle, click the Settings button, and scroll down to the Returns Area.

Amazon reserves the right to charge customers 20% restocking fees on Kindle hardware if they return their Kindle a few days after the 30-day return window.

Customers who didn’t like the Kindle Keyboard had to wait a couple of years in order to get a refund.

How Do I Return Kindle Books on Amazon?

A customer may log into their customer account on, and then select ‘My Library’ from the menu. After selecting ‘My Library’, the customer is given the option of ‘Downloading Book’ to retrieve their books from or ‘Downloading Book to Kindle Device’ to retrieve their books from their local library.

If customers also want to return their Amazon Kindle devices, it’s important that all downloaded content be removed.

Customers are required to return any and all Kindles they have downloaded and can keep their content in their content library regardless of whether or not they purchase another Kindle device.

You can also find more information about the Kindle Fire tablet warranty on our page about the Kindle Fire tablet.


Amazon takes advantage of this policy in an obvious way by offering a Kindle for free with every new account. It also charges a restocking fee for returning the Kindle to Amazon, which is why you can’t buy a Kindle from Amazon anymore (to start a new account, you must create a new email address).

If you return a device, Amazon will refund the purchase price (less applicable discounts). You are responsible for any additional fees such as shipping and handling. Amazon cannot issue a replacement for a lost device unless you have coverage under your plan. If you have coverage under your plan, please contact your plan provider to determine your coverage.

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