Amazon Kindle Warranty (time Frames, Claims, Repairs, Replacements + More)

Kindles will last a long time, especially with the newest models of the Kindle, which have the ability to charge as well as hold a large book and use the wireless.

There are many cases where Kindle users have lost their entire devices or have had them damaged and have them repaired by reputable electronics repair centers.

If you’re also thinking about this question, keep reading as I reveal the answers!

Amazon Kindle Warranty In 2022

If you would like to learn more about how to claim a Kindle warranty, what types of repairs Kindles warranty covers and more, keep reading through this article to learn more about this topic!

How Can I Claim Warranty on my Amazon Kindle?

Amazon Kindle users who have a problem with their Kindle must contact customer service for information on obtaining warranty service for their device, as this information is not currently available on Amazon’s website.

Once the Amazon customer has obtained this information, they can package and deliver their damaged Kindle to the address that was provided and have their Kindle repaired!

Amazon offers free replacement boxes. I think the standard box Amazon uses is the white one.

Amazon offers free replacement boxes. I think the standard box Amazon uses is the white one.

Amazon offers free replacement boxes. I think the standard box Amazon uses is the white one.

Amazon offers free replacement boxes. I think the standard box Amazon uses is the white one.

In order to repair their kindle, customers have to remove all the personal data, storage media and software and other necessary materials of the kindle.

If you fail to purge the data before proceeding, you have to delete the data yourself in the phone’s storage. Amazon is not able to restore the data or the data will be destroyed.

For the most part, if there is damage to the Kindle, it can take anywhere from 5-7 business days to have the Kindle repaired.

If the Kindle is damaged, we recommend that you send it to Amazon. We will not be able to repair damaged Kindle devices.

Will Amazon Replace a Dead Kindle?

Amazon will replace a damaged Kindle for free if it is within its 90 day warranty period.

If your Kindle breaks and you’re still eligible for the warranty, you can contact customer service to get a new one shipped to your home.

Amazon will replace your broken Kindle for 90 days. You can return the broken Kindle for a full refund, or just keep it.

What Type of Repairs Does Kindle Warranty Cover?

The e-reader is covered against mechanical damage. The e-reader will be repaired by Amazon. Mechanical damage includes damage caused by water, smoke, liquid, and electrical current, as well as damage caused by bending, dropping or hitting.

Amazon’s warranty covers a Kindle for 90 days after purchase, then you have to go to an authorized repair center, unless damage is caused by a third-party vendor.

If someone is willing to call customer service, the only problem that they would be able to get fixed is that Amazon is charging interest on their money.

What are the Limitations for Amazon Kindle Warranty?

In order to have a warranty for the Kindle, you will need to have it checked out by a third-party (for example, a Kindle repair shop), not by Amazon, and the third party will make their own decision about whether or not the device is covered by the warranty.

However, while Amazon will not repair broken Kindles if they were damaged for the reasons above, they will still happily replace them with a new one!

Because of the high demand for replacement Kindles, the only way to get a new Kindle is to purchase the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

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If you bought your Kindle from Amazon, when you are running out of warranty and you would like a new Kindle, Amazon will no longer offer a replacement.

However, they will likely charge you 50 percent of the value of the replacement lenses, so you want to think twice before you make the switch.

Customers have to phone the helpdesk and confirm that they have an old Kindle that needs servicing.

Who Provides the Warranty for Amazon Kindle?

A Kindle is a small computer in your hands. When you buy Kindle from or from the iBookstore, you are covered by the standard one year of warranty.

All Kindle eReaders are covered by Amazon’s one-year warranty and the Kindle-specific warranty, but you can also buy a replacement case for the Kindle from Amazon for $44.

What is the Warranty for Other Amazon Devices?

Amazon’s warranty and return policy is the same for most of their products, but there are a few items that have a slightly different policy.

The Fire Kids Tablet and Fire Kids Pro Tablet both receive a 2 year worry free guarantee. Unlike the Kindle, this warranty will expire in two years instead of one.

The Amazon Echo and Fire TV only have a 90-day guarantee and Amazon’s Alexa devices have a one-year guarantee.

If the customer is unsure if they are covered by their warranty, they can read the full list on

You can also check if your product has been reviewed by others. These reviews can help you make an informed purchase decision.


You can use your Kindle for a year without worry if you purchase with confidence.

This warranty only covers the goods shipped to you. The warranty does not cover any damage to your installation caused by improper installation, failure to follow the instructions, or other reasons.

If the Amazon Kindle is damaged due to a manufacturer defect, a user can return the Kindle to for a replacement. Amazon will repair the Kindle and will issue a new one. The repair will usually cost $79.

Customers who have already purchased an e-reader will receive the new Kindle in the mail immediately.

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