Does T-mobile Fix Phone Screens? (all You Need To Know)

If you have a T-Mobile phone then you have probably experienced screen damage. It can be a nightmare to try and find a way to fix a screen that is cracked. But luckily, T-Mobile is always willing to help. If you call T-Mobile in the US, they will probably be able to help.

But, first, I want you to know that I’ve been looking into this question because I have an idea about how to fix the issue. There’s also a lot of useful information about this question and its answers, so please read and learn.

Does T-Mobile Fix Phone Screens?

T-Mobile isn’t a phone manufacturer, and they don’t fix phones, but their contract plan will have an insurance that covers issues such as broken screens and cracks. The plan also includes phone repair for customers with screen damage and other issues on their phone. T-Mobile does offer a warranty on their phones, but that is only for an amount of time and is not comprehensive warranty meaning that the warranty is not a replacement guarantee.

T-Mobile’s policy is that if a screen is cracked, covered in moisture or has a broken screen, you can have it fixed at no charge. You will have to bring in the phone so that they can inspect it and determine whether or not the screen can be replaced. If they find that it is, they will charge you a small fee to have it repaired.

Will T-Mobile Replace My Cracked Screen?

T-Mobile will cover the costs when you have T-Mobile Insurance, but it won’t have the same coverage as the normal warranty.

Further, you can get the cracked screen repaired by authorized repair centers in your area if its a same-day repair.

So for example, if your phone is damaged to a minor degree, you can use their service centers to get the phone fixed. If the phone is damaged enough you will need to make a claim and wait for the replacement of the phone.

How Much Does It Cost For T-Mobile To Fix a Cracked Screen?

If you have T-Mobile insurance, you can repair your cracked screen for just $29 regardless of which insurance plan you have on your device.

Does T-Mobile Fix Phone Screen Water Damage?

T-Mobile will cover accidental water damage on devices you get from them. If your device got wet and you have to get a replacement, you can use that claim to file a claim and get a new phone.

Water damage is not one of the regular T-Mobile warranty issues, so you will need to have the insurance if you want a repair or replacement device as a result.

Does T-Mobile Give Free Screen Protectors?

So if you see this warning then you are enrolled in T-Mobile insurance.

Now lets see what you need to do to remove the warning [Original]: To remove the warning click the “remove” button.

So, if you’re enrolled in Protection 360, then you’ll get unlimited screen protector replacements for life, and T-Mobile will even put the screen protector on for you.

How Much Is T-Mobile Phone Insurance?

The price for T-Mobile phone insurance will depend on which plan you get and the value of your phone.

* The price is a monthly recurring charge.

* There are limited time offers, and only the first year is free. After the first year, if you decide to continue with this service there is an optional contract after the initial free year.

T-Mobile Protection Plans: 5 tiers. Each tier is the cost of the phone in dollars. Tiers 1 through 4 are on the low end of your phone, but with tiers 5 through 7 being the high end of the phone.
Monthly costs will vary depending on your phone.

How Can You Add T-Mobile Protection 360?

If you have a lot of worries about your phone screen or other issues that could happen, then T-Mobile Protection 360 could be the most suitable insurance option in the long term, and you can file 5 claims in a 12-month period!

Use the online app store to download the app or the mobile app store to install the app to your smartphone from the T-Mobile app store.

There are also plans for Protection 360 to be added to your account online. You can also sign up for the protection in store at a T-Mobile store.

What Does T-Mobile Insurance Cover?

When the phone is not in service or storage;
When the phone is taken out of service and not returned to T-Mobile;
When the phone is used in a manner that is not allowed by T-Mobile.

The last of those covers when the phone is taken out of service and is not returned.

What Does T-Mobile Insurance Not Cover?

* We will pay for the replacement cost of a lost or damaged item or product. However, we will NOT pay for the replacement cost of the item if the loss or damage:
* was caused by a covered cause of loss or damage,
* was caused by a fault or defect that was not covered, or
* was related to or caused by the use of alcohol or illegal drugs.

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T-Mobile does not do its own repairs but instead, if you have T-Mobile insurance on your phone, you can file a claim and have your phone fixed or replaced through Assurant.

You can use the T-Mobile Insurance to repair your phone screen, but water damage is only covered for a $50 deductible.

The T-Mobile insurance will only charge you $29 for a screen replacement and with Protection 360 you can file up to 5 claims in 12 months!

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