Does T-mobile Insurance Cover Cracked Screen? (all You Need To Know)

I think I am thinking about purchasing a new phone and I have had it for a little over a year now.

Your first guess may be that a deductible applies to cracked screens, but you can relax, because we don’t have deductibles on T-Mobile insurance coverage for cracked screens. If you have any questions about your current T-Mobile plan though, you’re in the right place! I have all the answers you’re looking for here!

Does T-Mobile Insurance Cover a Cracked Screen?

Device Protection includes accidental damage and accidental damage to your smartphone. The deductible is $25 and $50 is for screen damage. If it’s cracked intentionally, then it’s excluded and you’ll have to wait until 2022 and pay $50 deductible to get it repaired.

A crack on the screen is usually the first point of attention to most people when their smartphones gets damaged. A cracked screen might be a painful eye sore, but knowing how to repair your smartphone screen is more than important in terms of protecting the integrity of the device.

How Much Does It Cost for T-Mobile to Fix a Cracked Screen?

An Assurant authorized repair center will only charge you $29 for a cracked screen repair, whether or not the cost is covered by your insurance.

There is a $10 deductible that must be paid in order to be covered by T-Mobile’s insurance plans, and while the damage is fixable by a tech professional, it’s not fixable for $10 in the same manner as a broken screen.

How Many Cracked Screen Repairs Does T-Mobile Insurance Cover?

T-Mobile has different types of insurance available!

You cannot apply for the same policy twice in the same policy year, unless you bought a policy that allows for a refund.
To make a claim for an event that occurred before January 1st, you must file it with the policyholder’s company by December 31st.

If you file claims that are submitted too late, they will be rejected.

In this case you, not the car repair shop is the only person liable for any accident that results from the repair. Your insurance will pay only if you have Protection 360.

So this means that when your phone gets cracked, you’d have to purchase a new one and pay for the crack repairs.

What Do You Need to File a Claim With T-Mobile Insurance for a Cracked Screen?

A claim form.
The original paperwork that comes with your phone from when you bought it.
Your personal information on hand.

You should also have the phone and broken screen ready for collection from the location you chose.

How Does T-Mobile Insurance Handle Cracked Screen Repairs?

Once you’ve made your claim online or offline, you will see a list of repair options that you can choose from for a $29 screen-only repair.

You can talk to your carrier. They may replace it or give you another phone.
You can go to the store where you bought it.
You can bring the phone to a nearby service center.
You can use another phone or buy a new one.

In some cases, you may talk to a service center directly.
In some cases, you may have the option of buying a different phone and return the old one.

What Does T-Mobile Insurance Cover?

There are no limits for the deductibles for T-Mobile insurance plans; they are all the same. However, the deductibles for the policies may be different.

What Doesn’t T-Mobile Insurance Cover?

There are some things such as scratches, dings and scratches that none of the T-Mobile insurance plans will cover, such as.

How Much Is the T-Mobile Insurance Deductible?

Your deductible (co-pay) will always range from $0 to $250, depending on the type of claim and the number of times the same claim is filed.

In either case, your deductible doesn’t have a fixed dollar amount. It will vary depending on the make, model, and year of your smartphone. Additionally, the deductible can vary, depending on the make and model of the device you’re making a claim for, and the insurance tier and plan you have.

How Much Does T-Mobile Insurance Cost?

The range of the cost for paying for the T-Mobile insurance can be from 7 to 15 per device depending on the plan you choose.

For example, if your phone is worth around $400, you would be paying $12 per month for the phone plan, but if your phone is worth more than $500, your monthly plan price would be $15 per month.

Therefore, you’d be paying $84 per year for a device with a value of only $150, so there’s no benefit to getting insurance.

To learn more about T-Mobile’s policies on whether or not they work in Hawaii and Alaska, you can read our other posts on that topic too.


You can get a cracked screen repair for $29, regardless of which plan you have and whether you have insurance.

It only covers front cracked screen damage and not the back screen. It does not cover intentional damage only accidental.

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