Is Verizon Protect Worth It? (must Read Before Choosing)

I think some people like to have insurance because their device has a certain value, and with insurance, they can make sure that no matter what happens, they’ll be able to make a claim at a later date.

Are you trying to figure out if this protection is worth your money? Don’t waste your time looking at this information, keep reading if you have questions about what Protect covers!

Is Verizon Protect Worth It In 2022?

Verizon Protect is a good way for some companies to start protecting their phones with a case. It’s also worth it to a lot of people. People have a tendency to drop their phones, and if that doesn’t happen, phones are more likely to experience damage. A majority of the additional benefits of Verizon Protect aren’t that valuable, so Verizon Protect is a good way to start protecting your phone, but it’s not worth the money to justify the cost in 2022.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Verizon Protect, continue reading below to learn all about this type of Verizon insurance!

What Does Verizon Protect Cover?

Damage to your device. If your device is damaged and returned to Verizon, the damage will be replaced with a new device.
Lost or stolen device replacement. If your device is lost or stolen, and you have purchased insurance, then we’ll replace your device.
Accidental damage. Your device is protected from accidental damage if you have an accident or other unexpected loss.

How Much Is Verizon Protect Per Month?

Verizon will cost $14 per month for a smartphone with its “Protect” premium service, or $17 per month for a non-Protect device.

You may hear more about how Verizon is offering “unlimited,” data plans and what they mean for mobile devices and the future of mobile network services like smartphones.

See more coverage about the wireless industry here.

As you can see, this plan will be less expensive but it is limited to insure only one device.

The Verizon Protect Mobile app allows you to manage the policy, access your policy information and pay your premium from anywhere. You can even get a quote and add a policy before you leave home, or even the office. It’s easy to use.

If you’re a big business owner, you may be able to get this service for free, but for most people it’s simply too expensive.

Who Is Eligible for Verizon Protect?

We’ve just announced a specific Verizon insurance for customers living in New York. Find out about it here:

The link you shared is for a generic insurance that is available statewide to all customers.

– You are a “web developer” and your primary work is in web development.

The most likely reason why you are unable to enroll in the Verizon Protect Program is that you do not meet requirements.
To enroll in Verizon Protect, you must first verify your mobile phone number.
To verify your phone number, you’ll need to send your mobile phone number and verification code to your phone.
You’ll be able to use your device or phone for everything Verizon Protect has to offer.

While you might not be able to buy a plan in person, you can still get the same benefits and more through Verizon Mobile Protect.

Does Verizon Protect Cover Water Damage?

Verizon Protect will replace your device the same day it was damaged.

Read on to learn more…

Your Phone & Device Protection coverage is based on your chosen plan and device package.

* Coverage begins on the day your phone or device is shipped.
* Your new device must be activated by your Verizon Retail Store before your phone or device protection coverage begins.

However, if you already have a backup plan, you might be better off waiting for the price to drop on the other three devices before you purchase the Motorola phone.

How Do I Cancel My Verizon Protection Plan?

If you cancel your Verizon Protect coverage you will no longer need the policy number that is on file at the Verizon store. So make sure you have that number on hand when you go to the store to renew.

You can remove your Verizon Protect subscription by going to ‘Manage subscriptions’ and selecting ‘Remove subscription’.

To be able to cancel your subscription to the service you don’t have to cancel your entire credit card.

If you purchase insurance after the sale with no proof of ownership, the insurance is treated as if you hadn’t purchased it.

For example, if you only want to switch your device to a different type of device insurance, you can do so in the Add-Ons & Apps section of My Verizon.

Should You Pay for Verizon Insurance?

A Verizon insurance is something you should get if you’re someone that does tend to break devices and is prone to getting into accidents, especially if you’re not a careful person.

1- The coverage of the phone and its components.
2- Other discounts.
3- The costs of making a bill and other fees.

What I mean by this is that if someone wanted to buy that phone with cash, and just keep the money and not use it, it wouldn’t be worth the $100 itself.

You could insure your phone with the insurance for a thousand dollars.

to discover more about Verizon Protect, to find out if your phone is compatible with Verizon, and to learn more about the differences between AT&T and Verizon coverage.


Verizon Protect is an insurance option for customers in New York, and will cost around $15 to $17 per month. Additionally, multi-line protection will cost $50 per month for up to three lines. However, more lines will mean a higher monthly fee of around $11 a month.

For Verizon, deductible costs vary depending on which plan you opt for. The cheapest plan will cost you $9 per claim while the most complicated plan will cost you $249 per claim.

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