Does Verizon Fix Phone Screens? (iphone, Android + More)

We will provide a full and comprehensive set of repair services on all eligible devices in every plan without any contractual limitations.

That said, in cases where you have an eligible device, we might be able to provide repair services.

If that is the case, read on for all of you need to know about the phone screen repair cost and the procedure needed to make this repair happen.

Does Verizon Fix Phone Screens In 2022?

Verizon will fix cracked screens on certain iPhone and Android models through an out-of-warranty repair process. The repair will involve replacing the glass on the front of the phone, and some models will have to be sent back to Verizon for a touch-up on the back. You can also get a replacement screen for your phone through Verizon phone insurance.

If you are looking to repair your phone screen, you have come to the right place! Here, you will find all of the information you need to know about how Verizon phone screen repair works and where you can go to get your phone screen fixed.

What Phone Screen Damage Will Verizon Fix?

Verizon is not authorized to fix screen damage on iphones. Screen damage which has been sustained at the time of a drop or similar event is usually covered under normal manufacturer warranties.

Your best bet is to take your phone to a phone repair shop. This way, you will get the best chances to fix the damage that your phone has.

Does Verizon Fix Phone Screens in Store Locations?

If you have certain phone models, you can go into a Verizon store and get your screen replaced while you are still on the phone’s contract.

In fact, I’ve heard that the company is even planning on expanding its service to include other industries, like finance and agriculture.

Do You Have to Make an Appointment to Go to Verizon?

Verizon stores will usually have employees available to fix problems over the phone instead of having to make you wait around in the back.

In addition, making an appointment means that someone will be at the store that can repair your phone.

This is where the real fun begins. You will be able to go on to, enter your phone information, and then click on the upgrade option.

How Does Verizon Screen Repair Work?

Customers that want to have their tablet screen repaired will ensure that their device is eligible for repair by signing up for a monthly plan on Verizon Wireless’ website.

Additionally, you can call or file claims through your Verizon account, but to call or file a claim, you need to be the account owner or manager and have your Verizon account PIN.

You can file unlimited cracked phone screen claims with Verizon, and each claim will only cost the Asurion deductible of $29 for Verizon to fix your phone.

You can have a new screen made, and paid for by you personally.
You will need to buy a new phone.

If you are looking for a screen repair service for your Galaxy S5, please be sure to read our tips for iPhone screen repair before calling for service.

How Long Will it Take for Verizon to Fix Phone Screens?

There are several options to repair your phone. The cost and amount of time it will take to fix your phone depends on which option you have available. In cases where a repair is needed, you can usually get it done in a day or two. In some cases, a full refund will be available.

We do our best to help our customers with all of their insurance and claims needs; however, if a claim is not covered by Asurion it is not covered by us. Unfortunately sometimes our coverage isn’t as extensive as we would like it to be.

The time it will take your phone to be fixed, as well as your phone’s availability, will also depend on how many Asurion-certified technicians are available within your area.

 You can find out all of the details of this plan by going to the phone protection brochure page. This document describes all of the coverage for your phone and explains the type of plan to which you are enrolled.

What is the Cost for Verizon to Fix Phone Screens?

You can just go to a store or online and purchase the screen which will be put under your insurance and be paid for by Verizon. You don’t need to be worried about the screen in the long run.

If your screen is damaged or broken, you will be given a replacement unit. They will replace it as soon as possible. You are not limited to a specific time period or a specific date.

Does Verizon Fix Phone Screens Without Insurance?

While you might not need to have Total Mobile Protection insurance for your company to fix your phone, device protection is the best way to avoid outrageous fees.

Uninsured devices should be taken to a Verizon store. In most cases, those stores will not be able to repair the device for you, but they can often help you determine what needs to be done to get it working again.

You’re going to have to wait for the repair instead. The Verizon phone repair plan does not reimburse for out-of-pocket expenses for repairs. If you don’t have insurance, you’re going to have to pay for your phone repairs out of pocket.

iphone repair services can cost anywhere from $30 to $300 if you need to repair your smartphone screen. Therefore, the purchase of insurance is worth considering in the long run.

If you are looking to learn more about what is Verizon LTE, there are three links in this article that you can learn more about.


Verizon has fixed phone screens for eligible smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S7, so now they only fix the front display and do not repair the back glass.

And you’re protected if the screen is damaged from being dropped, broken, or cracked. So, if you find that your phone screen is broken, cracked or has a damaged display, you’re covered.

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