Does Ace Hardware Repair Window Screens? (price, How It Works + More)

Ace Hardware is one of the largest retail cooperatives in the world. The company sells a range of power tools and raw materials so that people can build and repair home essentials such as windows.

When you need a window screen repair, you can find out if Ace Hardware or other stores can repair them, and also what it costs to have them repaired. I also discovered some information about the process of having a window screen repaired.

Does Ace Hardware Repair Window Screens In 2022?

For the screens in your home, your best option is a company like Ace Hardware. They provide window and door screens in various sizes as well as screen repair in most states. The online store allows you to get a screen made to fit your window or door from home.

If you have other questions for Ace Hardware about how much it costs to repair window screens or if Ace Hardware sells window screens, keep reading!

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Window Screen At Ace Hardware?

If you want to replace window screens with Ace Hardware stores, then call them.

Prices vary at Ace Hardware stores since they are owned by individual members who set their own prices for services.

However, previous customers report online that the cost to replace a window screen is around $5.50 at Ace Hardware for the labor charge.

If you have a frame in decent condition that requires a window screen replacing, it should cost around $12.50 at Ace Hardware to have it cut and installed. However, if you have a window screen that is very badly torn or torn off and you only need a replacement, it will cost around $10.

It is worth considering if you need a new screen, and if so, the price from Ace Hardware will be around $23.50.

This is a common problem, and these little pieces of tape are an inexpensive fix.

With that, your local Ace Hardware manager will be able to give you his recommendation.

How Do I Get My Window Screen Repaired At Ace Hardware?

You might need to bring [a window screen] to the store so that they can look at it. You might have to measure your window in order for them to fix it.

The company is also a great resource to have around if you need to get a part for a repair or something.

Further, Ace Hardware can make replacement screens for both windows and doors in various materials, colors, and types. They offer many different options that are suitable for your needs!

In stores like Ace Hardware, people may select the material for their window screens at the checkout counter.

In case this sentence is a sample sentence but you still do not know how to translate its whole meaning, then you may start with the following two points and do more research.

After the service counter is over, there will be a quote for your window screen. You may be asked to pay before getting your window screen from Ace Hardware.

After Ace Hardware has installed your screen(s), Ace Hardware will send you a call to arrange pick-up and delivery of your screen(s).

Fortunately, Ace Hardware has a quick turnaround for its window screen repairs. The length of time it takes varies from location to location.

Can I Repair My Own Window Screen?

No, you cannot repair your own vinyl siding because vinyl siding is not meant to be repaired. If you repair it, it will no longer look the same and is more likely to leak.

You can find a range of products from the top brands including Screenmend, Roto-Rooter, Crowne Plaza, and many others, and the price range is pretty much from $20 to $400 per unit.

Is Ace Hardware Screen Repair Good?

The store repair professionals complete the repairs within its stores, which keeps the services affordable.

We offer repairs on windows and screens made from branded materials that will match the original for a seamless repair.

You can now order custom window and door screens at Ace Hardware, making it easy to find one to suit the required space.

However, the price and turnaround time for screen repair at Ace Hardware is competitive, and makes it an excellent choice for the service.

If you are seeking for more information on our cutting services including rekeying locks, you can also see our other posts on whether or not locks are rekeyed by locksmiths, and if locksmiths can cut glass.


You can find your window screens and door screen needs at Ace Hardware.

They have a good selection of glass and vinyl window treatments you can also buy there. They also sell great aluminum window and door screens.

However, it’s also important to know that the cost of window screen repair can also be competitive and the average cost for repairing screens is about $100.

When considering window screens for your home, you should always check the screens in your local Ace Hardware so you can compare the prices and screen sizes.

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