Does Ace Hardware Cut Glass? (your Complete Guide)

Ace Hardware is known for offering its customers a variety of DIY services that they can use in-store. The store has a workshop area where customers can get help with their carpentry or plumbing projects.

If you’re looking to cut glass at house or just want to have a glass cut at Ace Hardware, here are some quick and easy tips!

A: No, Ace Hardware does not cut glass on store property.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Glass In 2022?

Ace Hardware has a program called “Ace the Cut” in which Ace Hardware stores can cut glass and plexiglass for a small fee. Customers can bring their own glass into their stores to have it cut. Additionally, Ace Hardware has other tools available for customers to cut glass.

When you are looking to find more information about glass cutting at Ace Hardware, including if Ace Hardware can cut glass to size, if Ace Hardware can cut glass for windows, and more, then just keep on reading.

Do All Ace Hardware Stores Cut Glass?

There is limited access to glass. You can’t just go inside and get the materials you want. You have to call ahead and make arrangements.

However, all Ace Hardware stores are cooperatives, meaning they are independently owned and operated. This means some stores may not have glass cutting.

After your Ace Hardware has cut the glass for you, you can then use it to hold a candle or some other purpose.

You can use the website’s search tool to find stores near you that offer glass cutting services.
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How Do I Get Glass Cut At Ace Hardware?

To have glass cut at Ace Hardware, you’ll need to visit your local store. This service is not offered online. You’ll need to visit a local Ace Hardware to place the order.

Further, Colorado Ace Hardware advises customers to visit its locations to receive the correct size of glass needed.

When you arrive at the service desk at Ace hardware you will be asked about your plans for the project.

And on top of that, they sell pre-cut pieces of glass that may be of the correct size, which you can purchase.

Finally, if you’re able to complete your glass cutting project, the Ace Hardware employee will then advise you as to which kind of cement based sealer you need, and give you an estimate as to how much should cost, and how long it will take you to complete.

Once you decide on the right size, the employee will cut the glass just for you while you pay at the cash register.

How Much Does Glass Cutting Cost At Ace Hardware?

The price of getting a glass cut in the local Ace Hardware depends on the time of day and how busy the store is.

In terms of cutting glass, people report that most Ace Hardware’s do the job for $2 or less.

I’ve had good success with the glass cut. The guy I took it to did the first cuts free and I was able to convince the manager at my local Ace to give me a free glass cut on this same piece.

Can I Bring My Own Glass For Cutting At Ace Hardware?

You can bring any glass you want, but it must be the same thickness as the table that the glass will be going on.

Although, Ace Hardware can’t guarantee that the replacement glass won’t break again, but they will make sure you get it replaced as soon as possible.

You can also purchase glass from Ace Hardware for your project. In fact, you can get some pretty cool designs already cut out for you.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Glass To Size?

Yes, the glass-counters will cut the glass pieces to the specified size.

You can cut almost any size of glass, but it is also possible that you may not be able to cut glass with exact same dimensions as the templates.

As far as cuts go, you would want to get the correct size glass for your needs and cut the glass by setting the glass on a flat glass cutter stand.

Does Ace Hardware Cut Glass For Windows?

As you may know, sometimes you need to replace the glass in a broken window. The process is easy. As soon as you call us, we will come and replace the glass and give you a full estimate.

But, the cuts are not all the same size, so you will need to choose what you prefer.

As well as cutting glass for windows, Ace Hardware can cut glass for patio screens and photo frames.
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Does Ace Hardware Sell Glass?

If you need glass in your project, go to a local Ace Hardware store or visit the Ace website to check if the glass you need is in stock.

Ace Hardware says that top-rated glass products include the Aetna Glass Clear Double Glass Float Glass 36 in. W x 30 in. L and the Aetna Glass Clear Single Glass Float Sheet 30 in. W x 20 in. L.

The employees will also suggest other products that can be used instead of glass, and which are also safe for your project.

Can I Cut Glass Myself?

It is possible to cut your own glass if you choose a glass cutter that is right for you.

And it shouldn’t be necessary to cut your glass, but once you’ve done it, you’ll discover there’s a world of possibilities of what you can do with shapes and textures, like this cool paperweight.

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Luckily, Ace Hardware can cut glass in stores, and they charge a small fee of $2 per cut.

While the glass can be purchased, some of the larger stores may have it pre-cut, so it should be brought in from another store (or better yet, get it cut to order).

You can confirm if glass cutting services are offered at your local Ace Hardware by calling your local store; otherwise, you can visit a community workshop to cut glass.

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