Does Walmart Repair Phone Screens? (try This Instead)

Walmart is a world leader when it comes to variety. They carry just about anything under the sun, and their repair services are perfect for those looking to get their items fixed, or simply maintained.

 If you’re in need of a phone screen repair, I found out that it will depend on the type of screen that is broken, if it’s a case of a shattered glass repair, it will cost you a lot more than it will repair your broken screen.

Does Walmart Repair Phone Screens In 2022?

Walmart teamed up with Puls by installing Puls kiosks in their many stores across the country. These kiosks are staffed with technicians who can help customers with phone screen repairs, along with several other types of services.

In order to learn more about our Puls Kiosk program, read on to learn how to make use of Puls kiosks at Walmart stores and how you can use these Puls kiosks at retail locations in your city.
Before we get started, let us tell you more about the different Puls kiosk types that we offer.

What Services Do Puls Kiosks In Walmart Provide?

Puls tech kiosks offer many services that are not just limited to phone repair.

It is quite easy to contact them to set up an appointment. They provide appointments to help with smart home setups and tv mounting. They can also help with any tech issues you may have.

Phone repairs are among the most requested services, and they can repair issues such as shattered screens, faulty batteries, water damage, and even investigate any other issues you may have.

They can also offer alternative products to be purchased from Walmart if your device is impossible to fix.

How Do You Use A Puls Kiosk At Walmart?

 Puls kiosks can be found in the tech section of selected Walmart stores, and all you need to do is simply walk up and speak to a technician stationed there about your issues.  You can also bring in your existing system and they may be able to diagnose it from there.

iphone 5 screen replacement

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In the case of an iPhone 6s, you’ll need to go to your nearest Apple Store and ask them to replace the battery.

It also offers some other services, such as home appliance repairs, television mounting, garage door repair, and home disinfection.

The website is located on the website and has a simple form where the users can ask for more information.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Phone Screens at Walmart?

If you have cracked glass (or any other type of damage), you will need to get it fixed by a professional.
If the screen looks cracked, but it is functional, you can replace your phone screen yourself.

Phone repairs usually start at $69-$400 depending on the damage and size of the cracked screen.

In some cases, we may be able to replace the entire back of the phone if the damage is limited to one area.

When you enter your zip code, it will let you know if there are any issues with the service.

Does Walmart Sell Replacement Phone Screens?

iPhone and Android phone replacements are available from third-party Walmart Marketplace sellers for under $30 a screen.

The screens are suitable for tablets and smart phones. You may even discover phone screens for Samsung Galaxy devices.

What you may find to download from this website is a variety of mobile apps to make your life easier.

And, as I was browsing the phone repair kits, I found something that was interesting.

We may also tell you about our related products such as Apple products, if we have bought or sold used products, and if we are selling refurbished phones.


Walmart has an agreement with tech company Puls to install kiosks in stores to allow customers to take a picture of their broken screen, then send it in to be repaired.

Tech kiosks have a lot of interesting and innovative services. They allow you to view tech displays while shopping all without having to go far from the retail store. Kiosks also offer many other services such as TV mounting and appliance repair.

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