Does Ace Hardware Rekey Locks? (full Guide)

Ace Hardware is an online hardware store that also offers similar services in-store, including material recycling, pipe cutting and threading, screen repair, and more.

Customers may wonder if they could get locks re-keyed at a store like Ace Hardware, and what the process would be like. This video shows you what it takes to get a locks re-keyed.

Does Ace Hardware Rekey Locks In 2022?

You can rekey the deadbolt on your doorknob here in the Ace Hardware store with their services, for example, you can use Ace Hardware to rekey the deadbolt at your house, or you can do it yourself and you can purchase the kit from the store.

You can read more about how to rekey locks to the right above, including what locks Ace Hardware can rekey, how much it costs, and what products Ace Hardware sells to help you rekey locks yourself.

Can Ace Hardware Rekey Locks?

If you go to an Ace Hardware store they can give you a rekey kit and walk you through the process.

However, this article states that you should consider a more secure system with an interlock device and not just a deadbolt for your lock. In fact, as a professional locksmith I would be inclined to suggest that you have an automatic deadbolt installed because it will save you time, money, and hassle.

Also, choosing the lockset rather than the rekeying can be cheaper, and some stores offer this service for $10.

How Do I Rekey A Lock At Ace Hardware?

 If you need to rekey a safe at Ace Hardware, contact your local store to see if it can offer rekeying services.

You’ll also need to provide information to get the rekeyed lock, such as the model, color and style, as well as any keys to the lock you’re trying to replace.

You’ll also be required to remove your home’s security system — there’s a box that lets you input the remote serial number of the security system to log in to your account to remove it from the site — and turn it over to Ace Hardware.

After you pay for the replacement, the employee will then rekey your lock. It will take around 10 minutes and cost $10.

If you are using a Kwikset that is newer than a Kwikset that accepts SmartKey technology, you may be able to use the SmartKey technology to rekey your locks.

What Types Of Locks Can Ace Hardware Rekey?

Ace Hardware can replace the existing lock on a door or rekey deadbolts.

In addition, Ace Hardware will replace the cylinder on an existing lock without a key.

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey Locks At Ace Hardware?

You can buy lock keys at Ace Hardware and a locksmith can rekey your locks for about $10 each.

This service will be significantly cheaper than traditional locksmith prices which vary from $20 to $50.

There are a few locks that can be rekeyed using SmartKey, and an Ace Hardware has a process to rekey them free.

Can I Rekey A Lock Myself?

I offer rekey services for new and old locks in my stores, and I also offer lock rekey kits that I provide to customers.

Both devices are similar in that they include the re-keying hardware, but the Kwikset Metal Smart Key Re-Key Kit 1 pk has a built-in USB cable to recharge the battery while the Kwikset Metal Re-Keying Kit 1 pk includes a charging stand.

Ace Hardware products are in demand by professionals and they are often sold on the resale market.

Does Ace Hardware Sell Locks?

If it is not possible to rekey your locks at Ace Hardware then you can also buy new locks that will allow you to get into your house.

The options listed by the highest rated products on the Ace Hardware website are the Schlage Satin Nickel Steel Electronic Keypad Entry Lock and the Schlage Aged Bronze Steel Electronic Keypad Entry Lock.

To find out more, visit our other posts on whether or not Ace Hardware makes keys, if Ace Hardware sells batteries, and if Ace Hardware is certified.


At Ace Hardware, it costs 10 dollars per key to rekey locks within its stores.

Although not all Ace Hardware stores offer rekeying of locks, you can verify with your local store to see if they do.

A locksmith will have to be hired to rekey your locks at Ace Hardware.

Then, previous customers tell me it takes about ten minutes to rekey a lock at Ace Hardware. Also, you can buy kits at Ace Hardware to rekey locks at home.

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