Usps Delivery Instructions (what Is It & How Does It Work)

In the mailservice industry it is common for the USPS to offer their service in a personalized way to each individual customer with unique services, customer care, and service experiences that are only offered to one customer at a time.

But that’s exactly how USPS can do that, and they have done so for 50 years now. They offer features such as Delivery Instructions to their package delivery, so that recipients don’t have to worry about losing anything important.

It all started with Amazon when they began pushing their own delivery service instead of USPS. What is USPS Delivery Instructions? The answer comes in the form of a video tutorial!

What Is USPS Delivery Instructions In 2022?

Use this feature if you want to specify a specific location for your package to be left for retrieval. You can also specify a particular time at which you want the package delivered. If you do not specify a time, your package will be delivered by postal carriers at the most convenient time for them to do so.

If you have ever used a product shipped by the mail that arrived later than expected, you undoubtedly know that the product you bought might be in a damaged box. The reason for this is a common problem known as backorder.

Why Should You Use USPS Delivery Instructions?

If your package contains a gift that needs to be wrapped, or you have a history of having packages stolen, ruined by bad weather, or are hiding packages from your spouse – USPS Delivery Instructions is for you!

I think this is a nice service from the USPS. It’s one that I have used for a number of items, and would recommend for people who don’t feel comfortable leaving packages on a porch, driveway, in their backyard, etc.

You were upset because your item would not fit inside a mailbox.

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With the Delivery Instructions you can ask the delivery person if they will leave your parcel in front of the house or if they’ll park it somewhere in the street.

If you have experienced problems with porch pirates, you can ask the post office to hold on to the parcel for you, to be retrieved at your own convenience.

Because of the volume of complaints, USPS has been giving the new option for an email or text message when parcels are delivered.

How Does USPS Delivery Instructions Work?

Postal customers can let the postal carrier know where they want their mail delivered, so that the carrier can drop it off at the address rather than leave it at a post office.

To access this feature, you must sign in with your account.

When the order is marked out for delivery the Delivery Instructions will be automatically set to “Processing”. All items ordered with the same delivery instructions will be shipped to you together.

I have a question of whether a tracking number is going to be the same as the tracking number that is on the label which means I need to enter the tracking code for my package on


According to the new USPS mail guidelines, you can’t send regular first class mail unless you’ve got at least three pieces of self-mailers that are larger than 5 1/2 x 4 inches, and have a total weight of less than 3 pounds.

If Delivery Instructions are an available action, they will also be listed on the actions page.

When you are ready, you can expand the Delivery Instructions sub-heading via the down-pointing chevron icon to the right and confirm your address.

The message to the customer’s mobile phone will include a link to validate their address.

you can either pick the right answer or the false one. You’re already pretty sure what you are, but this test is going to make sure.

The options are simple, but you must be careful with some details.

For example, if you want to leave it at the original delivery address, you can then choose where on the property. This allows you to find and return the package to a place of your choosing.

There is even more, you can even have a code to enter your house or even unlock the door. You could leave it on the door and instruct the postal carrier and it would automatically open/close. You can even leave it on the doorknob or anywhere else around the house that you leave it on.

If you were to choose at a Post Office you will have to pick one, there are some with more people and some with less people.

With Check Out, you can also decide the delivery date and time, change your delivery address, and you can also choose different payment methods.

I added the delivery instructions and other services for an extra cost, but I am not charged for it.

In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to create a postcard that looks like this!

What Are Some Examples Of USPS Delivery Instructions?

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This is good because it demonstrates two ways that the delivery person could have found the correct address

This is good because it has an image, something that a normal text description wouldn’t have. If the delivery person came across this page, they would be able to find the delivery address really quick.

In this way, we maintain all of the original intent, but in a much more concise way.

Is USPS Delivery Instructions Free?

Delivery to your billing address
Delivery to the address of your choice
Delivered to your email address or fax number
Delivered to your home phone number
Delivered to your mobile phone number
Delivered to a different address at your request.

How Do You Know If Your Package Is Eligible For USPS Delivery Instructions?

You will need to find out if your package is eligible for USPS delivery by entering your tracking information into the website.

If you look to the right of your progress bar while tracking, you will be able to read what you can do to help out and speed up the process. This can include sharing your progress and/or adding yourself to a waiting list.

At the top, you will see a few buttons, including Text Updates and Email Updates. Also, at the bottom left corner, you will see links to the Settings page, and the Help page.

In the event that you are able to receive mail through USPS, the option to receive Delivery Instructions may be available at the top.

You need to contact your doctor to confirm your eligibility and get your prescription filled.

The only thing that needs be done is to have a account.

Just select your country from the list of countries, enter an email address and then click the Send button to go to the next step.

Can You Cancel A USPS Delivery Instructions Request?

I think I’ll just add the first name/address to the first page and move on. Not really sure I need to be able to edit the last name / address as well.

Yes, there is a work around – and it is delightfully old-fashioned!

The USPS is known for being difficult with delivering mail. You may have to leave a note for your mail carrier asking them to come back.

This will help you keep track of exactly how many people are on your property.

You can leave a note for the postal carrier because they will not deliver to a neighbor’s. You cannot have them take the parcel with them to the Post Office though.

I will buy you a bottle of your favorite beer if you bring the note to my house.

If you have a few spare bucks, consider tipping them. They may also be able to offer recommendations for a better carrier, or something they are happy to deliver while going through an area that could get a little bit crowded.

To learn more about USPS, you can read up on whether or not the USPS sends text messages, if USPS updates tracking, and if USPS delivers on Sundays.


In the last few years, with the help and support of other developers, the web community and users, I’ve built a lot of tools and libraries that make this task even easier.

It is very easy to check if your package is eligible for next day delivery. Simply check your order status on the shipping carrier’s website.

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