Where Does Amazon Ship From? (your Full Guide)

There are millions of consumers and stores that shop on Amazon every day. From electronic items to groceries, they have it all.

We’ve all seen the Amazon packages in our front yards, but how does Amazon get the packages to us? It turns out to be quite interesting.

Where Does Amazon Ship From In 2022?

Amazon has fulfillment centers in the United States and countries across the globe. It has many warehouses that are used to fulfil its own orders, and many warehouses that are used to fulfil orders from third-party sellers on the Amazon Marketplace. Amazon fulfils one third of its orders through these warehouses.

Amazon is doing some interesting things. I’d like to know more about how Amazon handles their shipping.

How Many Fulfillment Centers Does Amazon Have?

Amazon has started to grow, and the company is now building multiple warehouses and distribution centers all over the world. Now, it has several fulfillment centers in North America, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, France, Japan, China, and India.

It uses the space better by keeping the items that the customer wants to purchase, in the best location.

Amazon has warehouses all over the continental USA and Canada and it has even opened up warehouses in Mexico.

But the Amazon warehouses in all countries are run by the same people.

Amazon announced that it is planning to open its next book store in London, UK in 2019. This is the fourth book store in the country and it will add on to its existing stores in Oxford Street and Sloane Square.

While Amazon is based in the U.S. and the business has grown from the ground up in North America, it’s now a global operation.
[Other]: Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is a profitable company.
[Other]: Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is a profitable company.

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Fulfillment centers, which can be described as warehouses, can vary from five to one hundred.

How Do Amazon Fulfillment Centers Work?

As a result of the new delivery process, Amazon will keep the vast majority of its inventory at fulfillment centers.

Amazon has high standards when it comes to the quality of its products. Its high standards result in products being kept in stock to be easily available to its customers.

The staff in these facilities are given thousands of orders to fill and they must be sent out as quickly as possible.

The staff at our warehouses are alerted to start checking stock to see if it is needed. If so, they pull the product from inventory, pack it and ship it. On the way to the customer, it may pass through multiple fulfillment centers before it gets delivered.

Orders are prepared and shipped with Amazon packaging and delivery depending on shipping speed selected at the time of shipment creation.

Where Does Amazon Ship Third-Party Products From?

Amazon does not control how third-party retailers and sellers fulfill orders, but they do receive stock from third-party sellers and prepare and ship the orders on behalf of those sellers.

This is another way of ensuring that your products are shipped out as quickly as possible, so that more buyers can have them before they sell out.

There are some marketplace items that go through Amazon’s fulfillment centers, there are some things that don’t.

The sellers do their own shipping and distributing which takes a longer time.

The idea of paying a premium for a service that is usually free in the west is mind numbing at first, but I have no doubt that as Amazon continues to offer better and better services that this will become a normal part of your shopping life.

If you are wondering whether Amazon ships to Alaska, if Amazon ships to Hawaii, and how late does Amazon deliver, you can also read our earlier post on whether or not Amazon can ship to Hawaii and if Amazon delivers on their Prime Day shipping.


Amazon was found in 1997 when first fulfillment center in the state of Washington. In 2004, Amazon was added to the Fortune 500.

The main hub of Amazon in the continental U.S. is a fulfillment center located in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amazon ships as quickly as possible from warehouses in the U.S. to fulfill orders.

But Amazon has their own private network of fulfillment centers across the US to make and ship your order quickly and reliably.

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