Amazon Says Arriving Today But Not Out For Delivery (meaning + Other Faqs)

Amazon puts a lot of effort into its shipping system. Amazon has a lot of tags that describe the status of items, including the order status tags, which are generally easy to understand.

When you order with Amazon and you see that your item is “Arriving today but not out for delivery” you might get disappointed.

Why Does Amazon Say “Arriving Today But Not Out for Delivery” In 2022?

“Fulfillment by Amazon” means that Amazon handles all the shipping and storing of your product for you. This makes both you and Amazon the only people to touch your product and the only people to be affected by it’s condition.

If your order is shipping today, but not expected to ship for a few days, you may receive tracking information via email from Amazon when your order begins shipping that includes an estimated ship date and expected delivery time.

Does “Out for Delivery” Mean I Get It Today From Amazon?

Your package is almost ready to be delivered to you. The item usually takes 1-3 business days to process and ship; 5-8 business days on average to be delivered.

As you see in the paragraph, the original is much more informative and includes details more important to the consumer.

How Late Do Amazon Packages Go Out for Delivery?

Once packages are ordered, they are then shipped.

After receiving the package, the recipient is able to sign for their package in person or by telephone. At this point, the carrier usually schedules an appointment for delivery.

In order to send packages from the warehouse or fulfillment center to the customer, Amazon has trucks that can use the package drop off locations.

How Accurate Is Amazon’s “Out for Delivery” Time?

However, Amazon is not 100% accurate with their estimated delivery times and they are probably a little late with some packages.

When Amazon says that your product’s delivery has been “fulfilled by” Amazon from the fulfillment center or warehouse, it means that an order has been assigned to a team who will take the product to your address.

That’s the best I can do with the time I have.

Amazon estimates ship times as of when they are “out for delivery.” If they estimate that the item will ship in 10 days but it actually takes 12, they will usually let you know. Since they base these estimates on the order volume of their warehouses, the larger the order, the more precise their estimates tend to be.

You don’t have to worry about a delay in delivery from dispatch to delivery.
If it happens, the delivery team will contact you as soon as possible.

Why Does Amazon Take So Long to Go Out for Delivery?

Because of the many factors that go into sending packages out, Amazon takes a long time to send out the package.

Amazon says that orders are ready for delivery when they load them into a truck to take them from the fulfillment centers to your home.

The seller then has to pay $5 per item and ship it to Fulfillment, and Amazon then has to spend the time setting that item’s status and moving it into a warehouse.

Amazon will take the longest to ship your purchase to you when it’s made by a third-party seller that is located in a different country.

If Amazon does not have the product in store, sellers will often use a service like 4PX to get the products to a fulfillment or warehouse if they’re available outside the country.

When the Amazon employees pack them, they have to find out what size they need, whether it’s one or multiple, then they have to pack it inside the box. Then they have to label the box based on the item’s weight.

The more orders they’re processing, the more orders they are going to have to process in the future.

Does Amazon Do Its Own Delivery?

Amazon now does a lot of things, like delivery and it is the one company I don’t really like to talk about it much..

Amazon will use its own shipping system for all orders that are less than 50 pounds. Amazon has also made it easier for customers to change a shipping address.

This is how Amazon makes sure that you will have your package in your hands within the agreed timeline or else you get your money back.

If you want to learn more about shipping, you can also read our article on why some Amazon packages take longer than others to ship.


Amazon is telling its customers a shipping date is “not yet available for this shipping item.” It doesn’t mean that the package won’t be shipped, just that the company hasn’t yet decided when to deliver it.

Amazon sellers have to ship their items to Amazon first, and they have to fill out a form indicating the shipping address and which Amazon Fulfillment Center (FCC) they’re sending it to. Once it’s been sent to Amazon, Amazon then looks at the FCC where the seller’s item is and moves it to the next level of the fulfillment process, at which point the seller gets an email notification.

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