Does Amazon Deliver To Po Boxes? (Everything You Need To Know!)

Do you need extra security for your parcels? Do you have items that are constantly being taken from your home?

Many people prefer PO Boxes as a safe option. But does Amazon ship to PO boxes too? What can you do if Amazon doesn’t ship to PO boxes?

Amazon Will Deliver to PO Boxes

Yes, and its third-party marketplace sellers ship items to PO boxes. Amazon does not ship to PO boxes, however, it uses many couriers like Fedex or UPS. Many products on will not be delivered to your PO Box. To avoid any problems, Amazon customers are advised to use General Delivery addresses and their pickup locations.

Learn more about Amazon delivery and how you can receive your packages without or with a PO Box.

Why won’t Amazon ship to my PO Box?

Amazon relies on a number of private couriers and independent contractors like UPS and Fedex for fulfillment. These companies can’t deliver to PO boxes unfortunately.

If an Amazon item isn’t getting delivered to your PO Box, it’s likely that Amazon uses one of these shipping companies.

Only USPS can deliver PO boxes. Amazon partners with USPS, which means that some items can be delivered to PO boxes, but not all.

USPS charges the lowest rate for small and lightweight items. Amazon can get better rates for heavier packages from UPS and Fedex. Amazon can take advantage of multiple shipping companies to get the best shipping rates.

Although customers can enjoy low shipping costs, it can cause minor inconveniences for those who need to figure out what can or cannot be shipped to their PO boxes.

Amazon Pharmacy will not ship medications to PO boxes. To receive your prescription drugs, you will need to have a street address. Offsite pickups cannot be done.

How to Write a PO Box Address on Amazon


Amazon will ship via USPS to addresses that have your PO box.

Does Amazon Prime Ship To PO Boxes?

Amazon Prime members have the option to use their PO boxes to place qualifying orders.

Amazon Prime delivery is possible with USPS. In these cases, you can use your PO Box address to receive your package.

Amazon Prime members who have PO boxes cannot use them to place pre-orders or release-date deliveries. You’d get the package slightly later if you used a street address.

Amazon may downgrade shipping costs to meet orders. Your item will be delivered directly to your address, but not within the two-days that Prime members are entitled to.

Amazon Fresh Will Deliver to PO Boxes

No, Amazon Fresh does not deliver to PO boxes. You can pick up your groceries at an Amazon Fresh Pickup store if you live close to one.

Amazon Fresh delivers only to street addresses that meet the criteria. Amazon Fresh can be checked here to see if they deliver your home or workplace. To see if Fresh Delivery is available, simply enter your address.

Does Amazon Ship To PO Boxes In Puerto Rico?

There are some restrictions for Puerto Ricans when ordering online. Amazon delivers to some PO boxes in Puerto Rico, but not all.

Amazon will notify you if your address is available for delivery when you enter it.

Note that Amazon does not offer priority or expedited delivery options for PO boxes in the island.

Puerto Rico will not accept items over 70 lbs and anything that is potentially dangerous. This applies regardless of whether the address is a street address or a PO Box.

What stores ship to PO boxes?

Many retailers sell similar products to Amazon’s. You can also shop online at many other stores that offer delivery to PO boxes.

You will still receive your item at your PO Box, even though you might not qualify for overnight shipping or free two-day shipping.

This is a list of companies that offer PO box delivery at this time:

  • Bed, bath and beyond
  • TJ Maxx
  • Marshalls
  • Dollar general
  • Kroger
  • Vitamin Shoppe

Target is one example of a retailer that ships certain items to PO boxes if they do not exceed a weight limit.

To find out more, you can either check the shipping details under the item details or call the stoore.

Notably, many retailers use UPS or Fedex to ship their merchandise. They don’t deliver to PO boxes. Big Lots, Sears and Staples are some of the stores that do not use USPS.

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Amazon ships some items to PO boxes but, since they use Fedex and UPS, many items are not allowed.

It can be difficult to determine what items are and aren’t available for delivery to a PO Box.

It is easier to use an Amazon Locker pickup address. Ask a friend or family member to use their address. Or, simply search for another retailer that ships to PO boxes.

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