Does Best Buy Ship To Po Boxes? (+ Other Shipping Faqs)

When it comes to differentiating between a large item like a TV that can be shipped to a customer’s home and a small item like a razor blade, customers can choose to either have the item shipped to their home or pick it up at a store.

If you use a PO box, you have to ship the order to the PO Box.
If you choose any other shipping method, your order will go to the destination that is on the order but you will not have access to the item until it arrives.

Does Best Buy Ship To PO Boxes In 2022?

Shipping a product to a PO Box can be a big hassle. The reasons this happens are varied, but generally have to do with an item being extremely heavy, being sent from another country, or a company with a PO Box being unable to do much more than ship items that are under a certain weight.

If you want to know know more about Best Buy Shipping To PO Boxes, including Best Buy Shipping Through Best Buy Online and Canada Post, then you should continue to read.

How Shipping From Best Buy To PO Boxes Work

Online shoppers can ship to PO Boxes when using

What you need to know is that if you have a shipping address that is a postal box, some companies will not accept that. Therefore, it is necessary to always make sure you state your shipping address as the one that is on your account.

All items must be delivered to a physical location. We are not able to ship directly to a P.O. Box.

If you are looking to ship an oversized or civic delivery item, an agent is needed to collect the item (from you?) and deliver it to the destination.

If you receive an alert about shipping, if your order will be delivered to a P.O Box, Best Buy will provide alternative options and you will be able to choose those options through your account.

Who Does Best Buy Use For Shipping?

Best Buy ships with major carriers such as FedEx, UPS and USPS to ship items bought by consumers. These companies are able to deliver the order much faster than USPS; some may even have a more reliable service.

Best Buy will be working with OnTrac, Deliv, Lone Star Overnight (LSO), and Geodis so they can deliver purchases to the Best Buy store.

Best Buy will ship and receive customer returns using its alternative locations for some time.

You may also be able to find a store willing to buy your art and sell it to another store. The process is not as streamlined as going to an art gallery, but it is usually better for you.

Does Best Buy Ship With Canada Post?

Canada’s Post Office has been chosen as the service for Best Buy Canada.

The PO Box number or rural route location will be required to ship your package to that area.

For example, if your package is being shipped to California, you must include your PO Box number in the information that you supply on the Shipping Information page of your order.
If you are shipping with a rural route address, you must give a physical street address.

If you want to deliver items to your PO Box, you will need to arrange for someone at the pick-up depot to receive the package for you.

Where Do Best Buy Orders Ship From?

From our research, it appears that Best Buy ships from their store locations and warehouse pickup locations.

Some sites might ship from multiple locations. You might want to try searching several different sites and compare shipping rates, if you have time.

Best Buy has a large number of stores across the east and west coast, with most of the stores located in the midwest.

Yes, it all depends on what item you are purchasing. For example, a large TV is stored in a warehouse which is shipped from here to your home.

Although the smaller items such as the phone case may be shipped from the store, the larger item such as the cables may be shipped from the online ordering.

You might also want to read up on whether or not you can request for Amazon deliveries to be redirected to a PO box, if do you tip Amazon delivery drivers & installers, and if Walmart delivers to PO boxes.


In general, the product cannot be shipped to your Post Office Box and should be shipped to your primary address.

If you ask, you can pick up your package using UPS or FedEx, or a local post office.

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