Where Does Costco Ship From? (distribution Centres, Shipping Providers + More) 

Costco is one of the largest warehouse clubs in the United States, with stores and warehouses in the U.S. and Canada. It offers large selection of products and great prices for both its members and non-members.

Costco has several warehouses in the United States.
Costco has warehouses in California, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

And for those who like to get their hands on the goods early in the delivery process, Costco has their warehouses open all year round.

Where Does Costco Ship From In 2022?

Costco does sell some products directly from manufacturing but only at its membership stores. These Costco Direct purchases are very limited compared to the total number of items in the Costco warehouse store.

If you want to know more about where Costco’s warehouses are located, which shipping companies they use, and how much shipping fees Costco charges customers, get on with it!

How Many Distribution Centres Does Costco Have?

Although Costco operates over 604 warehouses globally, there are significantly fewer warehouses in US than the number of warehouse in Canada.

There are more than 300 Costco warehouses in Europe,
and approximately 1,750 Costco warehouses in other parts of the globe.

Costco has “dry” and “wet” distribution centers at majority of the locations listed above.

Dry distribution centers have a wide variety of storage options such as storage bins, shelves, and racks.

What Shipping Providers Does Costco Use?

Costco’s service takes a while as it involves shipping to warehouses where items from different retail partners are consolidated and then shipped to stores.

– Costco Business Delivery is not yet available in all locations
– Delivery is not available in all locations
– Delivery is only available during normal business hours
– You can only purchase merchandise from their online store (you don’t get free samples, or even get to see what your order looks like before it arrives)
– Your order will be delivered to the nearest Costco store

– Costco also offers pick-up orders delivered to your home at discounted prices (if you’re willing to pay for the service), but it does not come free with the membership.

Can I Ship My Order To A Costco Warehouse?

For example, if you have a UPC of 3123123421, and you have shipping address A, you can ship to A and have your order
processed at your warehouse. If your order is eligible for shipping, you will receive an email that gives you tracking
details for your shipment.

You can collect your order of items from a Costco warehouse store after you place your order. If you are unsure if the item you wish to buy can be delivered to your warehouse, please contact Customer service by visiting the “My Account” page on the Costco website.

Even if the item is unavailable for delivery to a Costco warehouse or your home or business address, you can still ship it to your Costco Account Center address and we will ship it to you, for free, if it is still in stock.

You are receiving this message because you placed an order on the Costco Membership site, or you have created a new account in the last 30 days. Some of the items
in your order may be ineligible for shipment to your home or business.
For more information on
how orders are processed, please click here

If you are experiencing delivery problems, please enter your email address below and a response will be sent.

Are There Shipping Limitations On Costco.com?

When we have an inventory transfer, we have to ship in one of two ways: either from one warehouse to another warehouse, or by shipping to a warehouse that is owned by a company that has a warehouse.

However, the company is not able to ship to APO (military) boxes, FPO (foreign) boxes, freight forwarders, mail drop locations, or international addresses.

However, Costco is still able to ship out of its warehouses in the U.S. to stores located in Puerto Rico, and Guam, and other areas.

You can contact Costco customer service for help and assistance if you are struggling with a shipping limitation.

Why Are There Shipping Fees On Items In My Costco Order?

However, you can easily avoid these shipping charges by choosing Costco’s online shipping program at Costco.com.

It’s not possible for the site to tell you why if you’re not on the site, but you can view the website of the company who made the item for more information.

The product cannot be shipped to the aforementioned locations.

Thank you for shopping with us!

How Much Is The Costco Shipping Fee?

Costco offers free delivery for all orders, however the company may charge you a fee for the delivery if you have a total order above $75.

You can get a free shipping with orders of $75+ if you’re using a store coupon, but make sure the item in the cart is on the list of free products.

To learn more about shipping policies, you should check out our articles about if Costco ships TVs and if Costco delivers to your shipping address.


The most economical and common option for shipping is the USPS (United States Postal Service). It is the cheapest option for all orders under $500. It is the most affordable shipping option for all orders made.

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