Is Costco Coming To West Virginia? (potential Locations, Delivery + More)

All of the states that are Costco members are located in the South and Midwest. Although they are not members in every state, the membership is much more popular in the South and Midwest.

The Costco in West Virginia has finally opened its doors. Can it compete with the existing Walmarts, Target stores and other big box stores? Let’s find out!

Is Costco Coming To West Virginia In 2022?

The Costco plan was developed by a real estate company called the Cave Real Estate Group. The firm is owned and operated by Richard C. Cave, who is also an owner of Sam’s Club. A number of companies with interests in the real estate industry are in the business of investing in warehouses.

Costco is a national discount store that is not available in West Virginia. You can shop online and have some of your items delivered to you at home. However, if you want to shop at that store, the best way is to travel to Virginia or other nearby states. When shopping in a Costco you should be a member.

Is Costco Planning To Open A Warehouse In West Virginia?

There is no Costco warehouse in West Virginia, and Costco has never expressed any interest in opening a warehouse in West Virginia.

West Virginians have had to go out of state or find an alternative store because of the pharmacy law and it looks like they will continue to do so.

Costco’s website page dedicated to upcoming locations is not updated with West Virginia’s expected opening.

Costco only release the location when it’s sure and two or three months from opening.
I’m not sure if this is true.

Why Isn’t There A Costco Warehouse In West Virginia?

The state of West Virginia has a small population, at the last census the population stood at 1.8 million.

Furthermore, Charleston has a population of about 44,628 people, Huntington has a population of about 73,161 people, and Morgantown has a population of about 74,077.

If you take the median income of West Virginia and compare it to the cost of a Costco membership, it makes the choice a bit clearer.

The population of the Seattle area has not increased as fast as Costco predicted, and the area’s economy is not good enough to support a new warehouse.

While Costco members in West Virginia are pleased with the new stores they can shop at out of state, they’re disappointed with the fact that they can’t shop in their own state.

What Are The Potential Locations For A Costco Warehouse In West Virginia?

The West Virginia location of Costco is Charleston, West Virginia, which is in the east-coast US, not in the south-u.s.

The fact that Costco could not afford the custom of Charleston at this time is irrelevant, as Costco had a population to draw from. Thus one answer is that the company could not afford the custom of Charleston.


At first glance, the answer seems to be


They provide a conducive atmosphere for Costco to grow and thrive in West Virginia, so if not Walmart and Sam’s Club or not Costco and not Target, there’d be no reason for them to be there.

Will Costco Deliver To West Virginia?

Costco is the United States’ largest membership warehouse club.

If a business has a physical location, it usually will have to send a request to the warehouse to determine how much inventory is available for the day.
Once it has this number, it can set up a truck to pick up stock for same-day delivery.
This also means that inventory is sent from the warehouse to the location.

Therefore, the service is primarily available for food items available only for delivery in areas it can deliver conveniently.

However, conditions that would make same-day delivery practical do not exist in West Virginia.

If you purchase a product that can be delivered in two days, that means the item arrives in two days.
You can get expedited shipping to West Virginia, which can save you a lot of time.
But if you can get two-day delivery to a location in California, you could save even more time.

If you have a Costco membership, you may have to ask the associate to inquire if they deliver to your address or if you can pick up the items.

Costco does not accept phone orders. You can either order online or visit your local Costco store to pick up your order.

Where Are The Nearest Costco Warehouses In West Virginia?

Costco has a warehouse in every state.

Now you can decide for yourself if the original is more confusing. But either way, your paraphrasing is better!

In the border areas, there are more convenience stores and supermarkets than in the hinterlands.

Charleston is the farthest from a Costco warehouse of any other of any other central West Virginia city. The nearest Costco is about 136 miles away in Easton, Ohio.

Morgantown has five Costco warehouses within 100 miles. The closest one is at Homestead, Pennsylvania, about 53 miles away.

In addition, the closest Kroger is only 19 miles away in South Charleston, while the closest Safeway is 52 miles away in Elkins.

The only way you are going to know the cost of the items is to go to the location, you are not going to get an accurate price by looking it up online.

The site will then bring up all the Costco warehouses around you, and let you decide whether they are within your driving range.

Do The Residents Of West Virginia Want A Costco Warehouse?

The residents of West Virginia would like to have a Costco warehouse of their own.

Because of the increasing number of competitors in the state, Costco has seen a decrease in sales.

Costco is getting ready to open its first store in the state, where it was told that if the company wanted to set up a store, it would need to buy 10,000 square feet of land and build a warehouse with three stories and an attached gas station.

What Are The Stores Similar To Costco In West Virginia?

Costco is a wholesale club selling products in bulk to members. The locations in West Virginia are usually located in strip malls, so I could imagine there would be plenty of bulk food to buy. Their membership is expensive so I think that would deter most potential customers.

Sam’s Club has opened more stores than any other company, with nearly 400 stores scattered throughout the U.S.

While there are warehouses throughout Western Virginia, one of the major warehouses is located in Beckley.

Walmart and Amazon, are also located in the shopping mall.

Smaller wholesalers exist and they might be considered part of the larger wholesale community.

In one of the interview on BBC, Costco mentioned that it is targeting higher income people to grow the business.

In one of the interview on BBC, Costco mentioned that it is targeting high income people to grow the business.

We have a variety of different wholesale stores that provide various types of supplies to restaurants. Some of them are local, while a few like Stablein’s and a few others have a presence in Western Virginia and even in Pennsylvania.

You can also read some other popular questions and topics about Costco here.
Feel free to ask more questions about Costco, and do not be afraid to ask us anything.


There are no indications that Costco desires to open a warehouse in West Virginia since doing so would be a tough sell.

But, if you have a Costco membership, you can get your Costco wares from other wholesalers in your state or other Costco warehouses within a 50-mile radius.

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