Is Costco Coming To Ireland? (potential Locations, Delivery + More)

The Costco in Ireland is great, but it was only a matter of time before the massive warehouse company decided that the Irish market was worth a bigger expansion.

If you are in Ireland, the question you should be asking yourself is if Costco will ever set foot in Ireland. And the answer is yes, they will!

Is Costco Coming To Ireland In 2022?

I don’t believe Costco has given up on Ireland. It’s just that it’s going to be difficult to find a good location. Costco has said that it has many good locations within the UK, and it’s true. But Dublin, Cork, and other major Irish cities would be lucrative locations if Costco was to set up in Ireland. Ireland’s location is important because it’s the largest island in Europe with almost 1.8 million people.

I hear you, you want to know what Costco’s plan is for Ireland, and you are interested in knowing where Costco is located.
Well, I have all the answers you need!

Will Costco Open A Warehouse In Dublin Or Cork?

Costco may have had this warehouse in their list of future stores, but there is no mention of a grand opening at this stage.

When the Irish economy crashed and the banks collapsed, the plans were never realised, but Costco has finally decided to set up a store in the Republic.

Costco still is waiting for approval, but it might take years to get approval.

I’m guessing that the project is over, and the only thing left for Costco is to take back its deposit. I think it’s the only logical explanation, even if it seems stupid in light of the fact that the project failed.

Costco is making a stab at it again but most of the changes have been made in their policies rather than in their stores.

Costco has plans for future expansions. However, there is still a lack of Costco stores available in Ireland. However, future expansions are in the works.

Why Isn’t There A Costco Warehouse In Dublin Or Cork?

At that time, Costco was going to build a warehouse at the old Ballyroan site in west Dublin.

Although it was reported that the Walmart was planning to build a 120,000-square-foot store and 800 parking spaces, and some residents who initially opposed the project said they would accept Walmart as long as it left the area alone, other area residents became concerned about the negative impact the store and the proposed parking lot would have on the neighborhood.

However, there was a petition for people that the Dublin County Development Plan be revoked since the project would substantially contravene the plan.

As a result of these concerns, the petitioners decided to apply for a special exception to the zoning ordinance to allow for the proposed use of the property.

Costco is now resisting calls to modify its plans and shelving them.

Costco had been in talks with IKEA for the past 6 years to open a new location in Dublin, but the project failed to materialise.

What Are The Potential Locations For Costco In Ireland?              

Retailers will look for a site that will sustain the foot traffic they expect.
Retailers will look for a site that will sustain the foot traffic they expect.

Costco first tried to open stores in Ireland in 2011, but the decision was put on hold. In 2014, the Irish government decided to allow Costco to expand to Ireland as a foreign-funded company.

Furthermore, there were many advantages of doing so in west Dublin, including cheaper rents, being more convenient for shoppers and being close to a business park.

Cork is the second-largest city in Ireland with a sizable population, which would fit in perfectly with Costco’s food court.

Dublin, Ireland is known as a center for shopping as well as some of the best places for tourists due to its proximity to the beautiful country.

Will Costco Deliver To Dublin Or Cork? and Costco UK do not ship directly to Ireland. You have to order the product and then arrange your delivery yourself.

Therefore, a probable solution would be to have someone shop on your behalf and send the items to you via a shipping company.

The item you want to order may be available for purchase elsewhere.

Where Is The Nearest Costco To Ireland?

Costco warehouses in Europe are all in the United Kingdom. Costco warehouses in the United States are all in the United States.

Another advantage of shopping from Amazon are the discounts they often have on
shipping. The company started with one shipping centre in Seattle, Washington
and is now a global delivery service, delivering its goods from warehouses
across multiple countries.

Costco has a network of over 25 warehouses ranging from 196 to 357 miles of Ireland.

Warehouses in Liverpool, London, Manchester, and Chester are closest to Ireland as they are all within the 200 mile radius.

What Are The Stores Similar To Costco In Ireland?

Costco is in the business to make money by selling items cheaply to its members.

However, Ireland’s only major grocery chain is Musgrave’s Cash’ n Carry, which sells its products in bulk and wholesale.

The store is more like a mall than a superstore or warehouse type store.

The two stores have a different ownership and management, but are located within the same mall. The two stores are not connected.

For a given town there are one or more small chainstores but the chains are very large, offering a very large range of goods. In general most products will be sold in the larger chains.

So this is not a unique product, we do not make a unique product, it has been copied, it is a duplicate product.

That means, customers have the choice of Walmart, Kmart, TJX or Home Depot, Target or Costco, Amazon or Zara, for online shopping enthusiasts.

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Costco may never open a warehouse in Ireland because they’ve had issues with opening warehouses here and with the high cost of doing business here vs. the UK and US. Ireland is much smaller and it’s much harder to compete with the UK and US. When you don’t grow like that, you don’t have any margin.

In addition, Costco, being a wholesale-only company, also does not carry popular brands that are found on other retailers, such as Starbucks, McDonalds, etc.

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