Does Walmart Sell Costco Gift Cards? [answered]

A business sells gift cards to retailers and businesses to help them attract more customers, and they also use these cards to track their customers for marketing purposes.

I found that you can purchase a Costco gift card from either Walmart or Costco via their websites. There is limited functionality on these sites, so, it might be better to do the purchase at your local Walmart or Costco.

Does Walmart Sell Costco Gift Cards In 2022?

– You can get a Costco rewards card on their website.

To add a gift card to your shopping list, search for “Shopping List” in the app. Select the item and tap “Add to Shopping List.”

You can also scan a [gift card code] barcode, and in-app purchase the balance of the gift card.

Why Can’t You Buy Costco Gift Cards at Walmart?

After the deal of Costco and, a Walmart employee said that the company would not be selling Costco brand and other Amazon brand gift cards.

Thus, it’s a two part problem. They don’t allow people to hold Costco warehouse cards who want to sell them, and Costco doesn’t allow people to buy from Costco warehouse cards who want to sell them.

Where Else Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards?

Unfortunately, Costco Cash Cards are only sold at Costco and you can purchase them either from the membership services desk or at the checkout counter.

3. Costco also accepts Amazon gift cards. To learn more about the gift card program, visit Amazon’s gift cards page on their website.

Can You Buy and Use a Costco Gift Card without a Membership?

You cannot purchase a Costco gift card if you do not have a membership. However, you can purchase items at a Costco warehouse with a Costco gift card, even if you are not a member.


There are quite a few differences between the Costco credit card and the Costco gift card. The most obvious difference is that the latter can only be used to purchase Costco stuff and not any other brand of products. However, if you have a membership, you can use the Costco gift card without a membership.

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