Does Target Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Target is a great place to run errands, with a wide variety of goods and products for low cost. Customers can choose from a variety of gift cards to use at the store, including those for clothing, jewelry, electronics, and food.

With all of the top gift cards Target has to offer, you are left wondering: does Target sell Amazon gift cards? While Target does not sell Amazon gift cards, you can shop for the top gift cards for Amazon on the Target gift card site. You may also order Amazon gift cards from Target here.

Does Target Sell Amazon Gift Cards In 2022?

In addition, Target does not stock the credit or debit card of Amazon nor the gift card of Amazon.

The only way for users to purchase Amazon gift cards is on Amazon’s own website.

If you are looking for where to buy Amazon gift cards and want to know if there are any stores other than Amazon where you can get your Amazon gift cards, keep reading!

With that said, the information below will give you a rough idea of how much money you can earn from selling Amazon gift cards on Amazon and eBay.

Why Doesn’t Target Not Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

Since Target views Amazon as one of its main competitors, Target (including other stores such as Walmart and Costco) doesn’t sell Amazon gift cards at any of its stores as they don’t want to lose customers.

However, Target does have options to get Amazon gift card balances, either in person or online.

Additionally, the company also stocks much of the same items in its store which makes sense for the company to try and hinder any potential spending going away from the stores.

While some Target shoppers might feel like they can’t get the items they want at Target, there are many places they can get Amazon gift cards that will have the same items they want to purchase.

What Gift Cards Does Target Sell?

You can even get gift cards from other places like Walmart, Walmart Money Center, Starbucks, Sephora and more.

You can buy gift cards in-store, or online at and you can purchase different amounts for each kind of card.

The Target eGift Card is a convenient way of giving cards. Gift cards are also a type of gift. If you know when your recipient wants to shop, there’s a card available to send.

Where Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards?

Most pharmacies, corner stores, and grocery stores are happy to sell to you gift cards to

Amazon gift cards can be bought at and other physical stores, like Target, CVS, and Family Dollar.

They can also buy gift cards through online money portals, such as,, or even through money portals like PayPal.

If you’re going to be giving gifts, you can also get them from Amazon; you can get $15, $20, $25, $50, $75, and $100 gift cards from

You can also redeem a gift card for up to $500. All Amazon gift cards can be sent to you by mail, in the case of an email, your account will be charged.

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Conclusion: Does Target Sell Amazon Gift Cards?

It is not possible to purchase Amazon gift cards at Target, as they are not sold, nor advertised. However, you can peruse and purchase any of Target’s large array of other gift cards for sale, for shopping, restaurants, travel, entertainment, and many more locations.

When you purchase and activate an Amazon gift card, the amount that is available to you is linked to your account balance on and cannot be separated from your account.

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