Does Cvs Sell Target Gift Cards? (Full Guide)

Target is a store that’s known for selling branded products at affordable prices, making the Target gift card a perfect item to give to people on special occasions.

When you need help selecting a gift for someone, don’t forget to check to see if they sell your Target gift card. CVS is a great place to look for these gift cards, not just because they are one of the largest drug stores and pharmacy chains in the U.S., but also because they’re one of the few that still offer free Target gift cards for customers that make a purchase. You will get your gift card by mail for only $10 or in store for free.

Does CVS Sell Target Gift Cards In 2022?

To date, we have not seen a Target Gift Card that is linked to CVS. This means that you cannot use one to make purchases at Target. However, we do have a list of stores where you can obtain a Target Gift Card if you still crave treats.

If you’re looking for a Target gift card, there are actually three different places where you can go to buy one!
All of these places have different methods in which you can make a purchase.

What Other General Merchandise Retail Gift Cards Does CVS Sell?

Best Buy
Foot Locker
Home Depot
Toys “R” Us

For all of the locations where you can buy CVS retail gift cards, click here.

Where Can I Buy Target Gift Cards?

Target gift cards can be used in regular Target retail stores across the country, along with over 10 thousand grocery stores and pharmacies.

* This list includes some non-chain stores; these stores are included because they are the most commonly used within the United States. If a particular chain is missing from the list, that does not necessarily mean that they are not available in America, it just means that they are not listed on this website.

Customers may also purchase a gift card to a retailer that offers Target Gift Cards, such as Best Buy for example.

A gift card can be a fun way to buy a thoughtful gift for a friend, but it can also be used to do some sneaky shopping for yourself. The recipient doesn’t need to know the exact gift card is a splurge.

You can use the Target card like a debit card, as long as you use your Target card number, and PIN, that is.

How Much Money Can I Put On A Target Gift Card?

In purchasing a Target gift card, you should expect to find that the different values that come along with it will be attached to the gift card.

Although if you order it online, it is best if you are careful about the amount that you put on the card, because the price is different in store and online.

Typically, most stores will need a minimum of five dollars to be placed on the card in order for it to be valid, with a maximum gift card value of five hundred fifty dollars.

Did CVS Ever Sell Target Gift Cards?

One of the things I personally noticed, was the amount of people leaving reviews to express their negative opinions, like people saying they used to have CVS stores in their area and the stores were never available to use the credit cards that they had saved up for years.

However, as of 2022, we can confirm that CVS no longer sells gift cards for Target at any store location.
However, if you wish to purchase a gift card, I recommend using the link below and entering your credit card information.

There are some interesting news stories about whether CVS is or is not taking Electronic Benefits Transfer. There is also some information about whether or not CVS accepts Apple Pay at the cash register.


CVS does not sell Amazon or Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift cards. Despite this, CVS does sell other gift cards for stores that are similar in products and price to Amazon or Bed, Bath, and Beyond such as Target and Wal-Mart.

CVS also sells Visa and MasterCard gift cards that are accepted forms of payment in Target stores. Other stores that sell Target gift cards are Grocery (Kroger, Wawa, Safeway, Meijer, Rite Aid Pharmacies, and Lowe’s), Walmart, and Walmart Neighborhood Market. These gift cards can be used at all Target stores, but it’s not as convenient as paying with a credit card.

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