Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards? (besides Costco) 

Costco gift cards, you can find them everywhere these days. You can walk into any store with a Costco store logo, and they’ll have them.

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Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Besides Costco In 2022?

However, there are a few ways to make the most out of the Costco Shop Card:
– Purchase a Costco membership: if you don’t have a Costco Membership, just get one at Costco.com and it will be included in your membership automatically.
– Check out what discounts you can get by getting a membership: at the time of this writing (March 2020), there are approximately 20% discounts on meats, fruits, veggies, and more. So it is important to get into Costco sooner rather than later.

To know more about getting Costco gift cards and if you need to be a member for that, continue reading!

Why Can I Only Purchase Costco Gift Cards At Costco?

Buying gift cards from a business that offers multiple stores is a good idea because you aren’t charged any additional fees. You have the flexibility to choose which store you want to use and you know that the card will be in stock.

Also, Costco occasionally runs specials on their gift cards, so members can sometimes pick up gift cards for a few dollars off.

You can buy Costco gift cards online or in-store. If you’re feeling lucky, you might be able to find some Costco gift cards online on sites such as eBay or Amazon. However, there might be an upcharge.

Do I Have to Be A Member To Use A Costco Gift Card?

But the problem is that when you gift someone a Costco gift card, the recipient can only use it at Costco stores.

 To use a Costco gift card as a non-member, all you do is show your gift card at the door and show that it does have a balance on it, and you should be allowed into the store. Alternatively, you can use the gift card online. The gift card can also be used at the in-store Kiosk. However, the online option is always preferred.

What’s The Difference Between A Costco Shop Card And A Costco Gift Card?

Costco gift cards can be used for items at the store but also for items online at Costco.com. These gift cards are different from credit cards because they never expire. When you use a Costco gift card it can be recharged.

How Much Can I Put On A Costco Gift Card?

A Costco Gift Card is a card that provides you with a certain amount of money to purchase products in the store. The money on the card gets spent as soon as the card is used. There is no minimum purchase needed and all cards are honored at Costco. A gift card can usually be topped up to 100 percent of its original value.

Can I Spend More Than My Costco Gift Card?

You could check and see if they have a way of transferring it to the gift card and then you could use the gift card and then later you could pay your balance.

Some supervisors will tell you to cash out the remaining balance on a gift card, but this is not a rule.

Can I Redeem My Costco Gift Card For Cash?

You can only spend them on the same day that you bought them.
That is one of the most annoying things about them.

As mentioned above, some Costco supervisors make you cash out the balance of your gift card after purchasing merchandise. But this isn’t policy, so it’s not going to happen every time you use a Costco gift card.

Can I Buy Gas Using My Costco Gift Card?

The Costco gas card is very flexible as you can use it at any gas station in the United States that is participating in the Costco program.
[Original, Original, Original, Original]: The Costco program has grown and expanded and we have the ability to purchase gas and go shopping at Costco with a gift card. This means you can use your Costco gift card to buy gas, gas accessories, car accessories, car services, car cleaning, car detailing, etc.
[Paraphrase]: The Costco gift card is a great gift for anyone.

Costco’s price match policy is very specific. It doesn’t apply to private-label or to clearance.


The only way to buy gift cards directly through the company with the highest conversion rate is eBay. You can only sell gift cards on eBay and get at least 70% of the money back.

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