Is Costco Coming To Rhode Island? (potential Locations, Delivery + More)

Costco is expanding at a fast pace. The company is looking to expand in more American states. It has even expanded into the UK.

R.I. Costco Customers, you deserve an answer. So, I have conducted in-depth research on the issue and here is what I discovered. Rhode Island Costco will not come to Rhode Island. Costco made this decision based on the following reasons…

Is Costco Coming To Rhode Island in 2022?

Costco’s opening is now expected to be in two years. In addition, Costco’s opening at Rhode Island continues to be in doubt following the recent developments at the State House. The Rhode Island General Assembly is deliberating to pass a law which would prevent private companies such as Costco from opening without a state license.

Keep reading to see whether Costco is going to open a warehouse in Rhode Island, where it may or may not be opening a warehouse, and a whole lot more!

Is Costco Opening A Warehouse In Rhode Island?

Costco are going to start doing business in Rhode Island. We hope this is not the case.

The retailer tried to open stores in the state multiple times, but they were unsuccessful.

A clash occurred between two parties over the location of a store. One party wanted the store to be located in the area it’s located at now, and another party wanted it in a different area. However, no one was willing to give in, and the two parties were at each other’s throats.
And so, the two parties have been at war with each other over the past year.

Costco has halted all forward progress in the construction of the proposed $50 million Costco warehouse in the City of Lakewood.

Many customers are upset that the Costco may cut off their supply that they need to make their lives complete.

Why Hasn’t There Been A Costco In Rhode Island?

There wasn’t a Costco store in Rhode Island because the location that Costco wanted was not able to get permission to go to.

The town’s planning board had rejected a plan for a $20 million golf resort at the site of the old Mulligan’s Island.

The city’s zoning and land use committee recommended Costco to reduce its number of planned parking spots and to widen the street.

Costco was also unhappy with the location of the site of the new facility in Cranston, Rhode Island, preferring the new site across the street in New Haven, Connecticut.

There really is no reason to visit Rhode Island other than to visit the national monument of the last American Indian, Squanto.

Perhaps Costco will start to insist on one of their locations as the only location that can guarantee a return on investment worth the risk.

This would be key in determining if Costco would be willing to relocate to the proposed location in Rhode Island if its location of choice were denied.

What Are The Potential Locations For Costco in Rhode Island?

Costco has applied many times for a license to sell alcohol at the proposed location. The ZBA granted the request, but the License Appeals Committee and the Rhode Island State License Commission reversed.

The company that owns the property where the hotel would be located has agreed to sell it to the company proposing the development of the hotel.

Costco has not officially announced this move, but this option has all but been ruled out for the time being.

With the addition of a Costco, this store is still viable under the terms of the franchise agreement and could be considered a store for the purposes of the agreement.

Does Costco Deliver In Rhode Island?

Costco is one of the best stores for deals in the U.S. if you’re okay with their quality.

The company will provide you free same-day delivery to a limited time area that you select.

It might help to look at a map prior to purchasing. It is important to understand the logistics of your state.

You may also qualify if you meet the two-day delivery and in-home delivery requirements when you order products in bulk or oversized items.

If you buy something online, you will always be informed what type of delivery that is needed in order to receive the package.

What Is The Nearest Costco Store To Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has many Costco stores. They are located all around the state in cities and on the ocean.

All these stores are within a 70-mile radius. They are all within 40 miles of each other, but you can go from one to the other just fine.

Costco is opening a new store in Waltham. I’m thinking about buying an electric car, I might want to charge it up at the store.

Although customers can view the inventory at other stores, Costco has an enormous selection of quality goods at prices that are often lower than most other stores.

Would Rhode Island Residents Welcome A Costco Store?

I know that Rhode Island residents have been waiting for the day that a Costco is located in their area, because they know that they are going to save a lot of money by shopping there.

Although they have access to stores that make offers comparable to Costco’s, many shoppers still prefer Costco and make out-of-state purchases for its products.

The last example of “Paraphrase” is not correct because it is missing the subject which is “shoppers”.
In this example, “Paraphrase” is used for emphasis and it is a common mistake.

When Costco opened its first store in Rhode Island, it provided a huge convenience for consumers.

Costco is opening in Rhode Island because they want the jobs and taxes.

The people in that area say that it is a shame that the Walmart is there. Also, you think it is unfair to the surrounding communities that Walmart is coming to their community and they are not getting anything out of it.

Are There Stores Like Costco In Rhode Island?

Costco is great for people who are always on the go because they have so many things on sale and even have free shipping!

Because the cost of goods is so high, Costco members have to pick out what they purchase carefully, but they can sometimes get good sales if they bargain hard.

This is exactly what makes the United States great. The fact that a company can open a store anywhere in the country. You can come in, get what you need, and leave.

By using market-based incentive offers, BJ’s allows each store to compete and win over their customers rather than depending on a big national marketing budget.

BJ’s Warehouse has different prices than those offered in other grocery stores, even if they all sell in bulk.

Costco in Rhode Island can be replaced by Target, Walmart, Amazon Prime, the Dollar stores, Big Lots, and Aldi.

To learn more about Costco, you can read our posts on what is Costco, is Costco coming to West Virginia, and is Costco coming to Wyoming.


People in Rhode Island may have to wait for longer to have the Costco store of their dreams in Rhode Island.

In the meantime, they can also take advantage of other Costco stores in the states of New Jersey and Connecticut.

In the meantime, I guess you could continue to shop at your local grocery stores.

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