Does Ikea Take Back Assembled Furniture? (full Guide)

ikea is a great place to spend your money on furniture because they have a wide variety of products to choose from.

However, when you return a piece of furniture that has been assembled, you must return it in its condition received. That means it is disassembled. Here is what you can do to return an assembled piece to IKEA.

Does IKEA Take Back Assembled Furniture In 2022?

IKEA will accept all assembled furniture items within 365 days of purchase as long as a receipt or proof of purchase is shown as well as a photo ID. The only exception is for furniture items that cannot be assembled due to manufacturing defects.

Returning furniture to IKEA: What happens to returned furniture?
IKEA has a few terms and conditions about what happens to returned furniture. In general, returned furniture will be donated to charity. IKEA do not expect you to know what charity is, but if you want more information, here is IKEA’s Charity and Donation information.

Does IKEA Have a Furniture Return Pick Up Service?

IKEA is the world’s largest furniture store by volume, and it has several stores in the United States. Here, you can view their products to see if there is something you would like and then have it shipped to your home for free.

The returns desk is actually where you can bring back stuff you don’t want anymore. But if you are by yourself, you would have to lug the item from the car park all the way to the returns desk.

There is a difference between “paraphrase” and “substitution”.

In return is the IKEA pickup return service. If customers find that they are unable to buy something from IKEA or they discover that they cannot buy it because they do not have money, they can utilize the IKEA pickup return service.

In addition, the process can be complicated as it is dependent on the size, weight and other characteristics of the item. In addition, there are various options that may be required to return the item, such as the need to insure the item or a return shipping charge.

Do I Need To Disassemble IKEA Furniture Before Returning It?

No, you will not need to disassemble their furniture, like IKEA furniture, in order to return it.

However, it is best to keep a record of all receipts and warranties, as well as keeping all items in their original packaging.

What Happens To An Already Assembled Return Item?

It’s common to see the IKEA As-is model in the UK, the US and parts of Europe.

This area in the store is where the store is selling products that have been damaged in storage and are either no longer available for sale or have been sold at a reduced price.

Many IKEA furnishings can be purchased in the same way as furniture items as they are usually already disassembled, as IKEA furniture are not meant to be disassembled quickly.

New-in-box items can be put back into inventory. Items that are disassembled or heavily damaged may be written off or destroyed.

Can I Return An Item From The As-Is Section Of IKEA?

However, there is a slight chance that we may be able to make changes to the order if we think the buyer should receive a better offer.

IKEA is a store that allows you to buy a product at the best price, but for their products, there are no discounts or offers that are offered.

Can You Return Damaged Items To IKEA?

You can return your item(s) back to a store as long as you are still able to show a valid photo ID and provide a receipt or other confirmation of it.

If your furniture is damaged, then you are unlikely to be able to take it back, so be careful when assembling your furniture, as you may find something you need to take back before it gets too late.

Does IKEA Accept Returns Of Items Without A Receipt?

If you are not returning an item, you are required to give us a valid receipt that will be your proof of purchase.

However, we cannot guarantee if they can find out if you’re not registered. But if you are registered, then you will be able to get a refund of up to €200 in products.

IKEA stores may even be willing to stretch the rules to allow you to return a purchase and receive a refund, but only on manager’s discretion, so this may not be 100% reliable.

*There is a good chance that your item will be destroyed in the process of shipping back to IKEA, so be careful. This is especially the case if you are returning your purchase to a store in the UK.

In case your return was rejected due to missing the IKEA store pick-up window, it’s important to know that the IKEA store has specific hours you can and can’t visit when it’s closed.


Ikea will happily accept returns for faulty furniture that is not yet used, and is easily resellable.

Customers who want to buy products without a receipt should make sure to be vigilant of fraud.

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