Does Ikea Furniture Come With Tools? [bed Frames, Couches, Tables, Tv Units + More]

Ikea has almost everything that a person needs to make their life comfortable. They have nearly every material necessary to make a room, kitchen, bathroom, bed, and couch.

The most comprehensive list of Ikea-specific products can be found here. You should be able to find the tools for almost anything.

Does IKEA Furniture Come With Tools?

The Allen key is a standard hex key which has a large flat head, and a point on one end, meant to drive/rotate the other end of a screw, nut, or other fastener.
The wrench key is a standard twist type key which is designed to rotate one of the fasteners used on IKEA furniture.

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Will I Need Any Other Tools To Build IKEA Furniture?

You can probably get by with the tools you have, however a screwdriver and hammer may also be required.

ikea do sell smaller kits which usually include all the tools you may need to build a IKEA piece of furniture.

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There’s a similar article about the IKEA trademark on their own website.

ikea has a wide range of tools they can use such as tape measures, screwdrivers, and laser spirit levels, to cater to different projects.

Do IKEA’s Bed Frames Come With Tools?

The tool box comes with the instructions for constructing a bed frame. The instructions can be found in the Allen wrench box.

This can take a while, as you may need to use a hammer from time to time to secure any loose pieces in place. The IKEA hammer will be a handy tool to have within the kitchen, just to ensure that you have no problem putting together your new furniture.

Do IKEA’s Couches Come With Tools?

IKEA’s furniture is designed to fit your home. This includes the furniture, which comes with the necessary tools in the kit to construct your furniture.

Don’t use heavy or sharp objects, if you should encounter any problems with stability. It’s important to have everything handy, just in case you need them.

If you do not own them already, they can be purchased at IKEA for a small extra cost.

Do IKEA Tables Come With Tools?

If you purchase a table from IKEA, the necessary tools to construct it should be packaged in with the necessary parts. This will generally include: the Allen wrench, and some screws. You should be perfectly fine with just these basic tools.

The question now becomes obvious.

If you are not satisfied with your furniture, or if you would like to make some changes, you should also check out the instructions found on the IKEA website. You can find the instructions for most of the furniture pieces by just clicking on the “How to” link.

After you have assembled your furniture, you might want to take it apart to clean it. There are some tools that can help you with this, such as a plastic table knife and a plastic putty knife.

Do IKEA TV Units Come With Tools?

IKEA sells all tools that you need to build a TV in the box. The screws and the allen wrench are included in the box.

You may need to use tools that you have at hand to ensure that screws are tight and all of the pieces fit well together and are all balanced.

Do IKEA Bathroom Shelving Units Come With Tools?

IKEA’s bathroom shelves (furniture) are suitable for bathroom storage. The shelves can be used in your bathroom, provided you can find the required number.

The manual included should contain information about which screwdriver shapes you may need, and which tools you need.

IKEA beds are great, but you should check the weight limits for the beds. IKEA doesn’t sell TVs (maybe that is the TV you had in mind?), but they do sell some other furniture. As for the wallpaper, I don’t think that they sell it.


Any standard tools should be available, including the Allen wrench so that they can work properly; the tools must also be clean, otherwise they will not last as long.

However, if you are going to buy a lot of furniture, you will want to buy extra tools needed for building. Items such as: small screw drivers, hex keys, etc.

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