Will Ikea Furniture Fit in my Car? (must Know Before Going To Ikea)

But to others, it’s simply a symbol of cheapness, since its furniture is inexpensive to the point where you actually have to assemble it yourself.

But you might be wondering how this furniture will fit into your car. The truth is, your couch and other smaller pieces will fit, but you’ll be able to squeeze your larger furniture into your car with some help. Read below for tips on how to load your large furniture into your car!

Will IKEA Furniture Fit In My Car?

IKEA is not as flexible on fitting rooms as I expected. So, I thought it had to be packed neatly.

How Do I Fit IKEA Furniture In My Car?

If you can empty your trunk and back seat area, you will be able to carry bigger pieces of furniture that will be easier to assemble at the home location.

Next, set all the boxes at the same height and then stack them vertically.

As an alternative, if the box is too big to fit into the trunk, it can be secured by using a bungee cord system; tying it down, so that it sticks out.

A sign that says “STOP” in English and Spanish on the box, and a bright red flag with the words “DO NOT DRIVE” and “STOP” printed on it.

You also might want to see our related post on how big IKEA furniture boxes are so you can be sure they fit into your car.

How Does IKEA Make Items to Fit In Your Car?

Ikea products are in pieces and one piece of furniture often come in multiple boxes of varying sizes.

The size was determined by how many kids we had and their ages. IKEA recommends that you fit the boxes together, to maximize the amount of storage space.

As long as more than one item has been shipped, the items in the bottom layer will be packed more tightly than otherwise.

And if you’re interested in
knowing more about how much fabric will come in a piece of furniture, you can see
our how to measure guide.

What Kinds of IKEA Furniture Will Fit In My Car?

The same can be said for IKEA furniture.
The furniture can last a lifetime, but it is important to choose the right furniture for the different types of rooms so that the furniture last for the lifespan.

Conclusion: Will IKEA Furniture Fit In My Car?

There are many large pieces of furniture that fit well in your car, and the packaging is designed to be able to fit in with the rest of your stuff. However, there are some items that would be better suited for a truck or RV. If this is the case, your best bet is to go to IKEA and ask them if they could deliver the item to you.

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