Does Ikea Sell Individual Parts? (all You Need To Know)

ikea is famous for its self assembly furniture which involves a lot of fiddling with individual parts and small screws.

For the most part, you can’t buy these replacement parts individually. Rather, they are usually sold as a kit as stated above. You can find replacement parts for most furniture items in IKEA’s store. If you’d like to see them at their best, go for their full size. You’ll be glad you did!

Does IKEA sell individual parts In 2022?

IKEA is also a great place to look for affordable furniture! You can find a variety of items that range from super comfortable and durable to more modern and sleek designs. Most IKEA pieces are easy to assemble, and they’re usually made out of good quality materials. Many people who own their homes built with IKEA furniture are very happy with their purchase because of the durable materials and ease of construction.

You should never pay more than €2 to do anything.
It gets very expensive if you go for the most expensive options.
You should always think about other options.
This includes buying from online retailers.
Some of them are better because they have better resources and they offer more options.
They also offer more discounts and deals.

What do I do if my recent IKEA purchase is missing parts?

If you recently purchased anything from IKEA, you can call them about any missing parts you have.

In general, it takes the delivery of the missing item around 7-10 working days, depending on the size of the item.

For individual screws, you can only find them in the assembly manual. You can call and ask the supplier to send the screws by mail during the warranty period.

You should visit Ikea’s returns desk at your local store with your receipt and they will help you return the purchases.

What do I do if I need new parts for my old IKEA furniture? 

If you have lost or broken parts from your IKEA furniture, or if its repair is not possible, you can order replacements free of charge by contacting IKEA with the 6-digit part number.

You will also need to be able to purchase and assemble the entire bed, at additional cost, prior to shipping your items to IKEA.

In sum:

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What do I do if IKEA can’t replace individual parts?

You can also try looking at third-party IKEA part-sellers on places like Amazon and eBay.

The next option is Swedish Furniture Parts. It is a website dedicated to supplying missing IKEA parts.

IKEA is going to provide their own replacement parts rather than buying parts from different vendors.

You are eligible for a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase and/or experience with Ikea.

If you see in the image below that there is an image of our service center, you can only visit our service center if you have a receipt for the returned item.

You should definitely check out my guide on IKEA trends and facts, if you want to learn more about them.


Ikea products have some parts which may need to be replaced. If you can find them online, go ahead and look for replacements. If not, we’ll take care of it if you buy one of their products.

There are vendors that sell the parts that you need. I recommend you look for their websites that are in your country and try to find the part you need.

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