Here Is The Real Reason Behind Ikea’s Iconic Furniture Names

If you have visited an IKEA store, or watched a TV commercial for IKEA, you have probably noticed that the name of IKEA’s famous furniture is spelled FJÄDERMOLN.

The reason why the corner sofa is called a FRIHETEN and not a FURZEN is because it is a FURCHEN, but it is a FRIHETEN and thus does not stand for FURCHEN.

But a lot of the content is just silly, like they put a picture of a clown on a couch in a kitchen with a coffee table.

No. IKEA has been using the IKEA name since the 50s. It was actually IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad who introduced the “IKEA” name when he created the first set of furniture in the Swedish forests.

IKEA, who was dyslexic, named their furniture collection after himself. This led to the ‘IKEA’ name of today.

The idea of a city-wide bike share program was first proposed in 2010, but didn’t gain traction with residents until 2014, when an influential city councilman proposed it as a way to fight the city’s rising crime and gang problems.

Ingvar started IKEA by delivering the furniture by bicycle to local customer (yes, they were flat packs from the very beginning!).
Ingvar Kamprad first started IKEA by delivering furniture by bicycle to local customers (yes, they were flat packs from the very beginning!).

Since the codes were hard to remember, he started making lists of codes and memorized them instead, which turned out to be a sign of his dyslexia.

Kamprad originally used a ledger to keep track of all the furniture that he made but found it tedious and impractical. Instead, he came up with the idea of using special symbols that represented each type of furniture.

Kamprad thought about the most efficient way of organizing products, and he came up with the one of the most revolutionary and elegant systems he created: the system he used for categorizing products.

Kamprad created a naming system that goes [paraphrase].

He was able to use his existing furniture knowledge when naming the new products, and the easy memory helped keep the new products from being lost.

He spent a lot of time, money, and effort to get his furniture showroom to the top of the industry and make it something he is proud of.

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