How Big Are Ikea Boxes? (sizing Guide from smallest To Biggest)

Like IKEA, we sell furniture, décor, Swedish foods and more, but customers find themselves returning frequently.

I found that the boxes they come in are rather large. I am very confused since they don’t mention the weight on their website.

How Big Are IKEA Boxes?

To know when you have received your package, check the tracking number that’s included in your shipment email. If the tracking number is under the “Delivered” section, then your package has been delivered and you should get shipping notification shortly. If the tracking number is under the “Tracking” or “Delayed” section, your package may be on its way.

1. The large, square boxes are the largest and are called Ikea Kallax boxes, Kallax boxes or Kallax Boxes. The standard dimensions of the box are 24×24×24 inches, with an overall length of 60 inches. The Kallax box is the size of this box.

How Big Are IKEA Bed Frame Boxes?

The smaller one is an SLÄKT bed frame for children on the cheaper side.

The SAGSTUA king bed frame comes in four boxes.

How Big Are IKEA Bookcase Boxes?

and on the larger end, a double-row BILLY bookcase comes in 2 boxes.

The large bookcase comes in several boxes, such as 2 boxes of bookshelves or 1 box of 2 single bookcases.

How Big Are IKEA Couch Boxes?

The UPPLAND two-seat couch comes in two boxes: one box with the recliner, one box with the couch.

But it has four individual cushions that slide into four separate frames to keep your knees and lower back out of harm’s way.

How Big Are IKEA Dining Room Table Boxes?

and you can fit two people or two laptops on it.

The NORDVIKEN ten-seat table comes in three boxes.

How Big Are IKEA Office Desk Boxes?

and on the bigger end, a MICKE table for those who are a little bigger.

the box is big enough to hold a computer, a monitor, and a chair.

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Conclusion: How Big Are IKEA Furniture Boxes?

Ikea furniture boxes come in a variety of sizes depending on the items inside. They can be big enough for large items, such as dressers, or not very big at all, such as for children’s toys.

But if you have any doubts as to whether the furniture will fit into your car, IKEA’s home delivery service will bring you the furniture right to your door, for a delivery fee of $5.

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