Ikea Kallax Shelves (11 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

IKEA Shelves are a popular choice among IKEA customers, as a wide range of options and easy customization allows them to be easily fitted in the smallest of store settings.

1- Make sure the shelves have holes before you buy.
2- Make sure the shelving is securely installed because, as much as IKEA sells a lot of products (IKEA, the global leader in home furnishing), IKEA is known for its poor quality.
3- The shelves are durable.
4- The shelves can last for decades, so be sure to keep it for decades.

IKEA KALLAX Shelves In 2022

ikea has become a household name. And while its name may not be the first thing consumers think of when considering furniture or interior design, this Danish-based company has been at the forefront of design and innovation for nearly 100 years. From the humble beginnings of wooden beds to the KALLAX storage series which comes in a range of sizes, colors, finishes and the latest storage series, VENTO, that can be added to any KALLAX unit.

If you want to know more information about KALLAX units, what are the dimensions of a standard KALLAX unit, and much more, keep on reading!

Is IKEA KALLAX Good Quality?

Customer reviews that say the IKEA KALLAX shelving units are sturdy and durable generally also say the wooden shelves are easy to assemble and store.

ikea is a solid brand and is still in the market, unlike some brands that have been discontinued and cannot be replaced with others.

The reason why I was attracted to this sentence is that there is a word I’ve never heard before: “for a long time”, also known as “for a long time”.

Let’s see if you know what this means.

Additionally, the KALLAX unit is very popular among IKEA hack enthusiasts. Using KALLAX shelves, people are able to create new designs. They can also use the KALLAX unit to put pieces in other IKEA home products.

IKEA KALLAX Shelves Dimensions

There are a few standard size KALLAX shelves to choose from. Some are much better suited to certain applications than others. For example, a KALLAX Bookcase is good for books or tall objects or plants. However, a KALLAX Shelf Unit is really only good for very tall objects or plants.

How Can You Add Shelves To A KALLAX Unit?

The key to adding shelves to the IKEA KALLAX shelf unit is to have a strong backboard for the unit.
The shelf unit attaches to the back of the unit using clips.

You should place your new shelf where it is accessible, i.e., by placing it in a work area with at least one wall or by placing it between two shelves that can be reached with a step stool.

KALLAX Shelf kits are available in 4 different colors, and can be customized to fit your space.

There are many different types of shelving available, and you can pick the type that fits best with your kitchen or bathroom.

Are The IKEA KALLAX Shelves Easy To Assemble?

All the KALLAX shelving units can be assembled in a few minutes and all the instructions are written in easy to follow language.

The best place to start is the YouTube video tutorial, which shows how to
remove the base unit, add an E-TTL flash head and put it back together.

However, if you would like to hire someone through TaskRabbit you can contact them via the TaskRabbit app.

Can You Modify IKEA KALLAX Shelves?

You can make your own customized shelves too by buying a kit, but be sure to pick up the “right” kit for your needs.

The KALLAX series has many different products, which include glass shelving dividers, drawers, cupboard inserts, as well as bathroom vanity inserts.

KALLAX shelving units are very popular for their low price and versatility. The IKEA KALLAX shelf system was developed to be as easy to assemble as possible, and it is still affordable. But you can do a lot more with the KALLAX units!

ikea kallax hacking can be done by most and you can buy parts to make your own custom units, but the best and easy way is to sell/trade for them.

Can You Hang KALLAX Shelves On The Wall?

KALLAX shelves can be mounted unto walls and safely installed in your home, but it should be noted that this is not the standard way to install a KALLAX shelf.

These unit mounts are designed to attach the unit to a wall for safety, but you will need additional supplies like hooks, screws or nails to attach the unit to a wall properly.

Additionally, it is not clear in the instructions how to hang the shelves from the wall. Other DIY experts have successfully hung the shelving units from the walls.

Can You Sit On IKEA KALLAX Units?

ikea hackas have made beds and benches which hold all sorts of items like computers and electronics.

I’m assuming that the units are the same as the ones used in the previous slide.

Can You Drill Holes In IKEA KALLAX Shelves?

Extra screws and bolts can be added so the shelves can be fixed to walls and other units more securely.

There’s a lot of discussion about the best way to attach a light to the ceiling. For now, I’d suggest trying to put the light close to the floor, and then using a smaller drill to create a hole through your floor. The LED light should work even if you end up having to drill a hole through your carpet or tile.

Is It Safe To Stack IKEA KALLAX Shelves?

To prevent the KALLAX shelves from sliding or falling over, customers are advised to secure them safely to walls.

KALLAX units should be operated for a longer period of time by being always supplied with the correct amount of energy.

How Much Weight Can An IKEA KALLAX Shelf Support?

After seeing the reviews, IKEA says that each shelf can hold 1.3kg.

You have to buy more weights to add additional weight.
You probably want to look at the other videos on the site.

Do IKEA KALLAX Shelves Sag?

KALLAX shelves that have been sitting in your home for a long time may start to sag over time. If too much weight is placed on the shelf over an extended period of time the shelf will begin to sag.

A proper design will evenly distribute the weight of the items and avoid unnecessary stress.

If you are looking for more information on IKEA furniture, you can also check out our IKEA LACK table, and how long IKEA furniture lasts.


It is a versatile series of the shelving units offered by IKEA. They are considered of good quality and come in a wide range of sizes and color options.

The shelves are easily customizable and can be used in a variety of ways around your house. If you need more space for your books, the units can be stacked and additional shelves can be added as well.

Each KALLAX cube can hold around 29lbs, and it can also be mounted on a wall for security.

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