What Does “code Spark” Mean In Walmart & Other Secret Walmart Intercom Codes

If you see `[Original]`, it’s a Walmart code for someone who wants to talk to a member of the staff who is on duty. The only way to speak to a member of staff is at Walmart check-out counters or in-store services.

Walmart’s Code Spark is a system designed to make purchases easier. The program will scan codes in your items and then it will give you a coupon code that you can use to print a coupon.

What does “Code Spark” mean at Walmart? 

Code Spark is a code used to notify Walmart employees that the cash register is too busy. If a Code Spark is announced, Walmart employees must stop their current task and head to the checkouts to help reduce queues, either by operating empty cash registers or by helping to bag customers’ shopping.

Walmart has a secret way to communicate with employees: each employee will have a unique intercom code. For example, J123456 will work at the Walmart in Lake City, Florida. In addition to working at two different Walmart stores, this code will also work for the Walmart in Port St Lucie, Florida, and the Walmart in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

What does Walmart’s Code White mean?

Code White will announce there is an accident, fire, police incident, or other emergency in the store.

For example, if a Code White is called at a Walmart store, then a department manager will have to attend the area of the store indicated in the announcement that a security incident has occurred.

What is Walmart’s Code C? 

When you hear a Code C announcement, it means that employees at the store are directed to specific areas to help customers. This may lead to more employees being sent out to help during peak times.

What do Walmart’s security codes mean? 

Walmart also has special codes for security staff who are working in specific areas of the store. These include codes 300 and 51. These codes allow security to be directed to a specific area of the store or to be alerted to security issues in their area of responsibility.

There are also security codes, 15 and 60. if you want to tell the security that a section of the store is unattended, you can also tell the security that for the next 15 or 60 minutes.

Walmart’s security team also collects GPS data from all of your visits to the store. Walmart knows where you shop, when you arrive, when you leave, and how long you stay. Walmart keeps this data for 3 years and then purges the data.

What does Walmart’s Code Adam mean?

A child is missing in the store and Walmart staff need to drop what they are doing and look for this child.

For each employee, the child’s location is randomly chosen, and that employee is asked to leave the building. If the child had been found, the employee is then asked to return to find out if the child has been removed from his or her custody.

Walmart will check the store to find the child, if that person is not found within a short amount of time, someone from the local police will be called to assist.

Many retailers used to use the Code Adam to communicate with each other without actually saying anything, but now it’s also being used as a way to stop shoplifting.

What are Walmart’s safety codes?

Colors can be used to report different types, and colors relate to different events. For example, if an alarm occurs, people can report it by wearing red shirt or if someone tries to steal, it can be reported by wearing black clothing.

The safest way to get out of an active shooter situation in a Walmart is to seek shelter in an area without any windows and stay there until the shooter is found and taken down.

You can also find the facts about Walmart’s products, Walmart’s ethics and Walmart’s late policy on our blog.


Walmart employees use codes to communicate with those around them to avoid alerting the customer. Codes are used to alert all employees to certain events like missing children, accidents, security concerns, natural disasters, or fires.

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