What Is Code 3 At Lowe’s + Other Intercom Meanings (full Guide)

Lowe’s has “special” codes that must be announced when employees are doing anything with customer credit cards.

Lowe’s has a system to call for help if someone is in trouble. There are codes to call for help: Code 3 is for a lost or stolen item, Code 50 is for an injury, and Code 11 is for a medical emergency. There are also codes such as Code 14 for a problem with your account, Code 27 for a problem in the store, and many more.

What Does Code 3 Mean At Lowe’s In 2022?

If you are at Lowe’s and you hear “Code 3” over the intercom, it means that an area where people are waiting in line is at the end of the register line and they need more people to be at the register to help people out.

Code 3 does not mean that someone is in trouble. But if you are wondering about the other codes, ask your local Lowe’s or go to the Lowe’s website to learn more. There you will have more information about that.

What Is Code 50 At Lowe’s?

A code 50 means there is a problem with the system and the associate should leave the store.

When you hear “Code 50”, the loading area is in trouble. Every employee in the loading area should report to the loading area.

At the large delivery of a large order, Lowe’s may use code 50, a Code 50 shows that the company is looking for a large amount of product.

What Is Code 75 At Lowe’s?

Sometimes Lowe’s employees call in Code 75 for all of the employees to go to the parking lot to put away the carts that were just used. They can’t use Code 70 since all employees are busy helping customers.

What Is Code 99 At Lowe’s?

A Code 99 means there is an emergency at the store. It can be either a power outage, a fire, or a chemical spill.

There is no need to contact me in an emergency. The maintenance is done only as scheduled before the end of the month.

Does Every Lowe’s Store Have The Same Intercom Codes?

There are only two intercom codes which are programmed into Lowe’s systems: Code 3 and Code 50. This means that this is the only code which will work in all stores in the Lowe’s system.

To make things even more confusing, Lowe’s stores are also called district stores and there is even a system of codes for them. The most common ones for the whole system are: 75 for common parts, 99 for lighting and 85 for plumbing.

Does Lowe’s Have The Same Intercom Codes As Other Stores?

Not all companies will use the same code as Home Depot. Also, some companies will have their own unique way of recognizing employees and having them come up to the counter.

In addition to this, any intercom code, such as “Code Adam” is the only universal code for a missing child.

Well, I just got home from the Lowe’s on Sunset Blvd., and yes, this is a reality of all Lowe’s stores.

What Is ‘Code Adam’ At Lowe’s?

Lowe’s will announce “Code Adam” over the intercom in its stores to warn store employees and the store customers that a child has gone missing on the premises.

They’re currently not sure what happened, but with the code they were given to look for their missing teammates, they should be able to go in search of them.

If an employee hears “Code Adam” they are supposed to stop what they are doing and help look for the missing child. Also, designated employees will monitor entrances and exits of the store.

If employees can not find the child within ten minutes, they call the police.

Further, Walmart already had this code, and it is not exclusive to Lowe’s.

There have been many department stores, grocery stores, and amusement parks that have implemented the code since its beginning.

What Is The Intercom Code At Lowe’s Is For Shoplifters?

Lowe’s employees are not allowed to disclose what codes are used to determine if shoplifting is occurring or to know what codes are used to determine if a customer is trying to shoplift.

The code is confidential in most stores. So the store employee will probably not know what the code is meant to open or how it works. But they will most likely know it’s a combination of numbers and letters.

It’s also more likely that the employee would report potential shoplifters on the radio instead of having a face-to-face confrontation.

A Lowe’s employee is not a law enforcement officer, nor is he obligated to chase or confront alleged shoplifters.

In order to help identify criminals, police rely on facial recognition tools to compare photos to mugshots.

Lowe’s is a company that sells hardware and home improvement products. You can learn more on its history, its headquarters, its employees, and its products.


When one of the registers is out of order and is not working, Lowe’s employees might have to come up with the code 3 to inform the store manager that the problem needs to be fixed.

You’ll never hear “Code 3” at your local Lowe’s. That is, unless you’re in Canada. Lowe’s Canadian stores have a different code, “Code 8,” which is what you will hear when an emergency alarm of some kind sounds.

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