Amazon Marketplace Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Amazon provides guidelines for those who wish to sell on Amazon. These guidelines help sellers keep their businesses running smoothly.

In order to have a successful marketplace, it’s important to understand the best practices and regulations surrounding it, and these guidelines are the best place to start!

Amazon Marketplace Return Policy In 2022

If the customer is not satisfied with the items for any reason, they are allowed to return the items within 30 days of receiving them for any reason. They are also allowed to reject items and only be charged for the item if no returns are allowed.

If you’re looking for details about the marketplace returns policy, the marketplace policies about warranties, and other useful information; Read this article!

What is the Amazon Marketplace Return Policy?

Every time a seller is selling their products on Amazon, it is required by Amazon to follow their regular return policy.

This means that any item they sell can be returned for any given reason within 30 days of being received. This may include being sold out of stock or simply never receiving the product. In the event that this is the case, they will refund your money.

Amazon has lots of different ways that they handle product returns, but the standard return policy is that we will accept the item for 100% refund within 30 days of purchase. However, there are lots of exceptions to the standard return policy depending on the item. For example, we may accept an item for full refund or exchange, even though the seller doesn’t have a return policy.

How Do Returns Work for an Amazon Marketplace Seller?

If an Amazon Marketplace seller wants to return a product, they must review the item to make sure it’s eligible for return.

Marketplace sellers must be approved to accept returns if the item sold is defective, arrived damaged, or if the customer has not removed the item from its packaging.

Amazon has to wait two days before they can start the refund process, however if the items are not approved within that time they can file an A-Z Guarantee claim, meaning that the seller needs to pay Amazon the refund themselves.

Sellers that have been hit with an A-Z Guarantee claim may face repercussions from Amazon. And, if their account is terminated, they stand to lose any payments they may have received in refunds.

This means that Marketplace sellers should be prepared to provide returns as soon as they are able.

Do Sellers on Amazon Marketplace Have to Accept all Returns and Refunds?

Amazon Marketplace sellers have to approve every legitimate return requests to avoid any problems later on.

However, if a customer returns a product for any ineligible reason, the seller is not required to approve it.

If the return request is not eligible, we will charge a 10% restocking fee, plus any cost required to process the return, or in some cases, depending on the return request, the total amount of the sale may be returned.

Amazon Marketplace sellers may charge whatever fees they want for approving returns. The only downside is that Amazon sellers may require customers to pay shipping and restocking fees if there is significant wear on the item as they return it.

Do Amazon Sellers have to Provide Warranties?

If you buy a product from Amazon, you are at a higher risk of needing to take it back for a refund. If you have reason for concern, get in touch with customer service.

Provide the manufacturer’s warranty: This warranty is only valid with products purchased from an OEM or authorized reseller. If you are purchasing used products at a local store, it is your responsibility to make sure the seller is providing you with a manufacturer’s warranty.

1. After an approved seller is added to the site, they need to submit an application in order to display their warranty information on their product pages. To apply, sellers can send an email to and they will be approved to display their warranty information on their product pages.

In order to sell products on Amazon, sellers must make sure that the Amazon Marketplace warranty is available.

People should try to include all the details that they can about the item they are buying. It will make their customer experience much better!

Marketplace sellers who have not received any reviews yet in the past 2 years (i.e. their listing has been in the Marketplace for less than 6 months) will receive this feedback.

Can Amazon Marketplace Sellers Provide Return Exchanges?

Amazon sellers can list their products on Amazon Marketplace, and they can list the same products on the official Amazon website at

Amazon has stated that they would no longer be supporting sellers on marketplace and that they are no longer offering marketplace in the US.

Therefore, customers are expected to return their products, get refunds, and buy new products.

Customers may be able to contact a Marketplace seller directly and request an exchange. Because there is no provision for an exchange on the Order Page, Marketplace sellers don’t need to approve an exchange request

It is now in the past, but not before that is also a reference.

Marketplace sellers who have received a direct request for an exchange and are unsure how to proceed can contact seller support through their Marketplace account to request an exchange.

Are Amazon Marketplace Sellers Refunded After Fulfilling a Return? 

When a customer does a return or refund for an item from a seller on Amazon, we refund the seller! This refund does not include the administration fee.

You should be able to see it on your Marketplace Seller Center about returns. On the returns page, you can calculate how much a return will cost you by using the value in the reference guide.

For more helpful information about Amazon’s return policy and their return policy for items that did not arrive on time, please see our Amazon’s return policy and Amazon’s return policy for items that did not arrive on time.


Sellers who make an item available for return within 30 days must comply with the return policy outlined on Amazon’s website.

For example, they may have to abide by the restrictions of the Amazon Business policy, or the policies of a different business unit.

Marketplace sellers are not required to refund the transaction fees for a return that is for an invalid reason. However, if the request for the return is valid, an account would be charged the transaction fees.

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