Walmart Marketplace Return Policy (What You Need To Know…)

Walmart uses Marketplace as an online platform for professional third-party merchants to sell their catalog of products. This includes big brands such as Apple, Nintendo, and Nike, as well as third-party retailers and manufacturers from around the world.

You may be wondering about Walmart’s return policy. For Walmart Marketplace returns, there is a certain time frame in which you can return the item in most cases.

Walmart Marketplace Return Policy In 2022

Walmart will return most products purchased from Amazon sellers within 30 days after delivery as of 2022. The return timeframe for home and garden items may be extended to 60 days. Items such as household furniture, air conditioners, chainsaws and compressors can’t be returned. Also, there is now a 14-day return window for electronics and other electronics, or a 60-day window for home and garden items.

If you want to learn more about whether you can return Marketplace items without the receipt, what items are not eligible for returns, and how to return Marketplace items, keep on reading!

How Can You Return Walmart Marketplace Items By Mail?

You can send a return address by email. This is your email address or phone number – NOT a business address or the address of a courier company.
This address will be used to return your item.

Return your merchandise to any Walmart store.

Provide your receipt and the original packaging to the store associate.

Have your receipts ready to present the associate if they ask for them.

If you are returning more than $25.00 in merchandise, be sure to display a signed return authorization form.

Have your package’s tracking information ready for the associate if he/she asks you for it.

You have successfully submitted the order, the status will be updated to ‘Waiting’ once the seller has received your money and we have confirmed your order.

Can You Return Walmart Marketplace Items Without The Receipt?

With the help of a Walmart return receipt, you can track the delivery of your package and find out the number of days it takes to receive your return.

You can’t use a return receipt, so you’ll need to provide a proof of purchase for an in-store return.

You can also create a customized Walmart Cash app with a $200 Walmart gift card by adding an email address, name, and address. Make sure to follow the instructions in the Walmart Cash app.

1. Items costing more than $200.
2. Goods valued at $500 or more.
3. Goods that weigh more than 200 pounds.
4. Goods that are too large or too technical to transport.
5. Services involving more than six hours of labour.

The sellers must accept a returned product before the refund for the purchase can be processed.

Which Items Cannot Be Returned To Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart Marketplace is a marketplace where you can buy products and resell them without paying tax.

The rule is not clear what to do with dangerous chemicals, such as bleach, solvents, or other hazardous items. However, it is a good idea to ask for a receipt immediately, as you may be required to show it at the return counter.

Returning an item you bought from If you tried to return it to a nearby store, visit our
Return Center for assistance. Return Center partners with the shipping carriers
to make your return process easy, even if you return from a remote location.
Visit the Return Center for further instructions and to learn more about what
you can do with your return.

When Can You Return Walmart Marketplace Items?

Items on Walmart’s website can be returned within a certain time frame, usually 15 days or 90 days.

Because Walmart has more than 10,000 different items for sale on their website, and only 10,000 separate return policies and windows, it would be impossible for you to navigate the site to find the specifics on each of their policies, and figure out exactly when each of them closes.

To ensure a consistent customer experience, only the Walmart Marketplace is allowed to have a returns period of 14 days. In fact, sellers on can only sell standard products and electronics.

Electronics and luxury items will see a 14-day change of ownership requirement that applies when they are mailed or sent by a carrier via a commercial delivery company like FedEx or DHL.

Can You Return Walmart Marketplace Products In-Store At Walmart?

You can purchase products from Walmart Marketplace from your local Walmart store by going to the customer service desk or checkout lane with items in its original package.

A box can be bought at a cheap price and packaged easily so it can be shipped.

Walmart will print any shipping labels or labels for any returns you need for free.

Additionally, make sure to pack things separately in case you are returning multiple things.

What Happens If A Walmart Marketplace Seller Isn’t Responding?

You can start a conversation with the seller in your Amazon account.

Third-party sellers must respond within 48 hours and keep copies of emails to increase customer trust.

So when the customer is unsatisfied with the Walmart Marketplace solution, or if the seller does not reply after 48 hours, Walmart will intervene to provide a resolution.

How Long Does A Walmart Marketplace Refund Take?

You’ll get a refund if your bank transfers money, takes three to ten business days to process the refund, and the order was not cancelled.

Refunds for in-store returns are usually processed when the product is received at the store, whereas returns initiated with Walmart Customer Care are typically processed when the carrier scans the package.

This is a great way to make the return process as easy for customers as possible.

Please watch for refunds since the refunds will be available within 48 hours of the merchant receiving your package.

Can You Return Goods Purchased From Walmart Marketplace Canada?

You may only return products bought from the Canadian Walmart Marketplace to the store you purchased them from. You will need to contact the third-party seller to find out if they are interested in receiving the returned items.

A return is only allowed for items that you have purchased directly from the seller in our Marketplace.

Electronics that are defective must be returned within 14 days of purchase. Items that are not defective may be returned in 30 days.

Any item sold through the Walmart Marketplace must be returned unopened.

How Do You Identify Items Sold By Walmart Marketplace Sellers?

You can determine whether a Walmart merchant sells a particular product that you are viewing on by a seller indicated by a Pro Seller badge.

If you are looking for the information about the seller’s return policy, you should go to the Returns tab.

What Is The Walmart Marketplace Returns Promise?

Although Walmart Market place is a safe place to shop, the returns Promise brings customers safety when buying goods from outsourced companies.

They will do whatever they can to make you happy – but you can only be refunded within 90 days.

And also, if the product that you have received is not like the one that was promised, then you can file a complaint with the seller and Walmart will resolve it.

To ensure that the seller is providing you with a working item, you can do a couple of things:

Contact the seller regarding your issue and see if they have a solution.
If the seller does not respond, you can file a claim with Walmart.

If you are still experiencing trouble, then you should fill out the form on our Return Page.

To learn more about this policy, you can also read our post on how to return items to Walmart without a box, what if you don’t have a return box, and to return a vision center.


Walmart has a 30 day return policy on electronics, jewelry, cameras, GPS devices, and similar items. Electronics must be returned within 14 days. Larger items are not returnable, even if damaged, unless the original packaging is included. Items are not returnable if they are damaged by misuse, installation error or if you tried to return them and we refused.

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