What Is Walmart Marketplace? (all You Need To Know)

One convenient thing about shopping at Walmart is that you can do so online with Walmart’s eCommerce platform, having access to millions of products without ever having to leave your house. A few other advantages of eCommerce include being able to customize your shopping experience with many different shipping and delivery options, and being able to track your order from the time it leaves the store to the time it arrives at your doorstep.

Walmart is an online store with millions of items, as well as some in stores that you can get delivered to your home. If you want to know what Walmart is, please continue reading.

What Is Walmart Marketplace In 2022?

Walmart Marketplace allows you to sell on the Walmart website. As of 2022, you will be able to offer your products as part of the Walmart online platform. In that manner, customers can buy your products on its website, and you will be able to improve your sales. You will also be able to interact with the customers through the platform, manage orders, offer customer support, and arrange shipping.

If you’re interested in additional info on walmart.com, like what types of items are prohibited on Walmart.com, how you can return items on Walmart.com and much more there are many other great reasons to sell on the Walmart website!

What Is Walmart Marketplace?

You will have access to items in Walmart’s retail stores as well as thousands of products from professional sellers.

Additionally, as a Walmart customer, you can be rest assured that when you purchase an item from a Marketplace seller, you’ll be getting top-quality, authentic products that are of the highest quality.

The Walmart.com Marketplace integrated with the Walmart mobile apps to offer customers many more items than the traditional website.

The platform will allow customers to use their mobile device to scan QR codes embedded in the product images in the Marketplace, to purchase products.

The Marketplace will have a selection of categories to meet different shopping needs.

What Are the Advantages of Selling with Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart is using the platform to sell its customers’ products.
This is not only for the convenience of customers, but for sellers, as well.

When sellers have their products listed on Walmart’s online store, the Walmart product pages become part of the marketplace. This helps drive traffic to Walmart’s online store to shop for more items, and at the same time, it gives Walmart’s online store a boost through cross-sell.

You can purchase products from third parties on Walmart’s website and have it delivered straight to your doorstep at a much cheaper rate. Plus, you don’t have to worry about being charged extra for delivery.

What Products Does Walmart Marketplace Sell?

If you have any questions about where to get certain products, you can talk to a Customer Support Representative on the phone.

When sold, you need to keep them in original packaging, and when sold, you must make sure to return the item to Walmart.

Furthermore, Walmart.com’s Marketplace sellers should be aware of the product importation laws and regulations.

“Pornography,” “Pornography, erotica, or sexually explicit material of any kind that is intended to appeal to adults”;
“Drugs, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, or substances associated with illegal drug use”.

No guns, knives, fireworks, explosives, weapons, or ammunition will be allowed on Walmart’s Marketplace. These are basic, commonsense restrictions to keep our customers safe.

Can You Return Things You Bought on Walmart Marketplace?

You can return items you bought from a third-party Walmart Marketplace seller but only if you have the receipt in your possession.

However, you should keep in mind that you should follow your product seller’s return policy, as they are in control of their product and should have the final say regarding returns. If a product seller allows returns, keep in mind that sometimes there’s a fee to process the return, and shipping can be charged back to the customer.

* Return merchandise authorization.
Please specify the reason for the return: Returns, Exchanges, or Merchandise Issues: Returned item and receipt.

You can look for reviews and comments from people who bought the product before. Sometimes these people will talk about problems or things they don’t like about the product.

If the Marketplace seller don’t give refunds, then consider whether or not to buy from them.

When buying on Amazon, you may also want to consider the Marketplace sellers in the same categories as the products you’re looking at.

How Do You Return Items From Walmart Marketplace?

Since the returns process is different for each store, it is important that your return policy is clear and easily understood by customers.

The item is new, unopened and in the same condition that other customers would buy.
The item has no damaged packaging or is otherwise not in new condition.

You also need to make sure to return your product to the seller’s original place of purchase, which is the merchant with whom you made your transaction.

Apple Mac computers,
iPhone 6,
iPhone 6 Plus,
iPad Air2,
iPad Mini,
iPod touch,
iPad mini 3,
iPod Touch 5,
iPad Air,
iPad Mini.

1. Gold, Silver, and Platinum jewelry (excluding watches). These items are defined as jewelry with 24k, 18k, or 14k, and all other white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum.

If you can’t return the products within a reasonable amount of time, you should consider contacting the seller to find out how they’d like to process the return.

With the Marketplace’s policies, it is important to consider the value of the product you are buying. If you buy an item for $25 and the seller knows the value of the item is more than one dollar, then they have to pay some percentage of the difference.
There are different rules for determining how much the seller has to pay for shipping, so you have to check them carefully.

How Do You Know If an Item Is Sold by a Third-Party Seller on Walmart’s Website?

Walmart doesn’t have a special section for Walmart Marketplace sellers.

Marketplace sellers can link their apps and products to other applications.

You can also identify the seller, if you know the seller, from which you can then infer if a product was sold by a third-party or Walmart.

In the case of a product, the item will say “as seen on Amazon.com.” Then, the company that shows up on Amazon is listed.

The seller is selling on Walmart’s marketplace, so the seller name you see is the seller’s name, or the seller’s e-mail address. If a seller gets a referral from another seller, they’ll be able to see their referrer’s name and e-mail address instead of theirs.

How Many Walmart Marketplace Sellers Are There?

Walmart Marketplace is a place where you can get almost anything that you want, whether it is related to your hobbies or you need to fulfill that holiday shopping.

In a single year, Walmart saw more than 30,000 people join Walmart Marketplace, and the company expects the number to continue growing. With that growth, the company is making changes to the systems that allow businesses to manage themselves.

And just last month, Walmart introduced their newest shopping experience, ShippingPass.

Does Walmart Ship Marketplace Orders?

If you’ve ever purchased a product on Amazon, you have probably ordered something from a Marketplace seller that had the Amazon Fulfillment Services (AFS) label next to its product. This means the seller has opted in to AFS to ship their product and provide fulfillment services for that product.

Marketplace sellers on Walmart.com can store their inventory in a Walmart warehouse for an additional fee.

Once a pack and ship order has been made, WFS takes these items to its warehouse and builds a pack. The pack is shipped to WMS once it’s built. WFS also performs all the returns and customer service.

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Walmart Marketplace allows users to sell their products on the website, offering free delivery worldwide, and a large payment discount. Currently, Walmart Marketplace includes over 100,000 sellers, with over $1 billion in sales.

Also, the Marketplace return policy is different from the Walmart corporate return policy. Therefore, it’s best to check with the seller directly to find out about their return policy.

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