Walmart Canada Return Policy [no Receipt, After 90-days, Open Boxes + More] 

Walmart doesn’t offer a huge selection of merchandise but they do sell things really cheap. There are more than 400 stores in operation, 343 of which are super centers.

Walmart Canada’s return policy can be quite a bit different from Walmart’s in America. Check out this video to find out the unique ways you can get a refund at Walmart Canada!

Walmart Canada Return Policy 2022

Items with “Made in China” stickers or tags on them, or if an item is not sold at Walmart, will not be accepted for return. Certain items, including items that are purchased online at, may also not be returned.

Read on to find out how Walmart Canada’s return policy works and how to return your purchase.

Do I Need A Receipt To Return Items At Walmart Canada?

If you don’t have the receipt showing your purchase made from Walmart, we’re sorry and will happily exchange or refund the merchandise. We do ask that you email us proof of purchase within 7 days of receiving the item.

Walmart Canada’s policy states that customers don’t need a receipt when returning Walmart branded items, such as Equate, Great Value, Our Finest, Parent’s Choice, and Your Fresh Market.

Bring your products in a returned condition with your original packaging to receive a refund or replacement.

Can I Return Goods To Walmart Canada After 90-Days?

It is not a good idea to return items purchased after the 90 day return window. But, there are some steps you can take if you do decide to return items.

The exception to the 90 days return policy is that for products that are eligible to be returned, you have the right to return them for either 14 or 30 days.

For more detail on this policy, as well as information about any exceptions to the 90 days return policy, visit [our return policy page](

Even if the product is used, mobile phones, home electronics, computers, tablets, GPS units, cameras, printers, and prepaid wireless phones must be returned within 14 days. Contract post-paid phones should be returned within 15 days.

Also, any items that are returned to Walmart must be returned in original packaging or an unmodified box. Walmart will replace any damaged or missing items. Customers will not be reimbursed for returns made without proper packing and documentation.

Third Party sellers must grant Amazon a minimum of 30 days from the day of delivery to allow customers to return products if they are unsatisfied with the products. Exceptions include electronic products like tablets, watches, fitness trackers, or certain other items like certain accessories, home appliances, food, and apparel.

Can I Return Products With An Open Box To Walmart Canada? 

Most opened items can be returned at Walmart Canada. Additional accessories are required if returns are being accepted.

Returned merchandise must be unwrapped in the original box or container. Returned merchandise should be in the same condition as when it was sold.

Refunds will be processed within 14-21 business days from the date of the return.

Please note that if an opened item was purchased through a third party, the third-party seller is not responsible for the return.

They will not let you purchase anything that has been opened. This includes video games, portable video players, CDs, headphones, movies, software products, ink cartridges, disposable contact lenses, air mattresses, breast pumps, and drones with GPS features.

There are items that are acceptable for return that you can bring in the mail. I don’t know what will be acceptable, but it’s been awhile since I checked.

What Items Cannot Be Returned To Walmart Canada?

Walmart in Canada does not allow returns on any electronic devices such as a TV or a tablet.

You can return any product that is not beer, wine, hard liquor or an alcoholic beverage of less than 100 ml at Walmart for a full refund if it has been recalled due to quality issues.

Walmart Canada also requires in-store pickup for returns of goods that weigh more than 100 lbs (45 kg). The retailer will charge a fee for every item that is returned in-store.

Can I Return Broken Goods To Walmart Canada?

Walmart Canada will refund your money on items that are defective or were damaged during shipping. If you have caused significant damage to a product, your request for a return may be denied.

Can I Return Groceries At Walmart Canada?

This means that these items should be ready to eat as long as the stores are open. The company said they will be ready for grocery items to be returned “as soon as possible”. A company spokesperson also said that they will be offering more details on the policy later this week. They said that the return policy is not changing and that it is still expected that an item will be available 24 hours.

Customers will be required to register on the website and check out on to apply for a refund.

The food you receive might be stale, but the food service company will still accept a refund. If you have questions regarding the validity of the food, you can ask a member of the food service company via email or in person.

How Do I Make An In-Store Return At Walmart Canada?

To return goods, please contact your Customer Relations representative or return directly to your closest store location.

Returns to are free for eligible items.

Items that are no longer eligible for free returns are as follows.

Just head to the customer service desk at the front of the store to request a replacement gift card.

You will need to bring a receipt for any and all non Walmart branded products or the Order Number and if applicable, your Debit/Credit Card.

When the refund is applied, it will take 3-5 days to appear in your bank account. When the refund is applied, it will take several days to appear in your bank account.

How Do I Return Online Items At Walmart Canada?

You can return any item purchased from online or in a store. However, if an item is in a sale or clearance section it may be returned only in the store.

Make sure that the products you are returning are from the same order as the order you created.

Just take a moment to print your label and drop your package to your local Canada Post mailbox. If your item is too big for your mailbox or you don’t live in an area where Canada Post delivers door-to-door, have your package sent with a Canada Post call tag.

Will Walmart Canada Return Items I Purchased Using A Walmart Gift Card?

Gift Card purchases can be reloaded into the same gift card, and Walmart Canada strongly recommends customers keep their used gift cards until they are completely satisfied with their purchase.

Walmart will not offer a cash or credit refund if you cannot produce the original receipt at checkout. However, the store manager may offer you an exchange or credit.

Can I Return Items From Walmart Marketplace At Walmart Canada?

For returns of a custom product, or for accessories or other items that aren’t sold or are sold by third-party merchants, you’re limited to 60 days from the date of purchase.

You can find additional information about returns at [].

Your products should appear in your order history under the relevant third-party sellers name. You may then select to return a product and be redirected to the return page of the specific seller, or you can request a refund by going to your order history, clicking on the return link, and either selecting “Return the item” or “Return the item to Walmart”.

You can easily return any item on Amazon by selecting the items you wish to return and briefly stating your reason for return.

What Is Walmart Canada’s Return Policy On Children’s Clothes?

Because of the fact that children grow quickly, and parents want to make sure that they have something to wear from Walmart Canada in the future.

Customers can request a replacement without proof of the product’s wear, and we’ll replace the product with a more suitable one. We’ll send the replacement to the address the product was originally shipped to.

Can I Return Items From Walmart Canada At Walmart U.S?

This usually means that the item shipped from Walmart Canada to you has to be available at the Walmart U.S store that you’re returning to.

The fact is, when you purchase something online from Walmart, it may cost more than the original price due to changing the amounts of currencies used.

You need to contact the customer care ahead of your trip to avoid disappointments. Otherwise, the best thing to do is to head to your local Walmart before your trip.

When Can I Make A Return At Walmart Canada?

Customers are welcome to return anything at anytime during store hours.

Walmart Canada offers a variety of ways to return your items. In stores, you can use the Return and Restock tab on the store home page. Use your store’s address or the Return and Restock link on the store home page to find your store’s return address. If you are unable to return items in the store or wish to return items by mail, there is a free Return and Restock address label. All labels are available for pickup at the Returns and Restock counter in your store.

Conclusion: What Is Walmart Canada’s Return Policy?

Returns and exchanges are free for most items bought on in the last 40 days. You’ll need your original receipt and your credit card that was originally used to purchase the item. Electronics must be returned within 45 days. Any returns after 45 days will be charged a restocking fee.

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