Walmart Pet Food Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Walmart lets you know their dedication towards pets with “Pets” departments in different locations. Items that are for dogs are in a separate department than a separate department for cats and animals.

Although Walmart does not state their pet food return policy anywhere on their website (probably to avoid an unwanted visit from the FDA), they do have it on their phone system. You can call them up and ask them to provide you with the details of their pet food return policy. However, if you don’t get the information as promised, one thing that you can do is to file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency of Canada.

Walmart Pet Food Return Policy In 2022

Walmart accepts returns of unopened or compromised pet food purchased during the past two years. You can return the item in-store or via mail, even if purchased in-store or through the Walmart app. Bring a valid photo ID if you are returning without the original receipt.

In this video, I’ll teach you how to return pet food at Walmart, how to get a refund, and much more…
Pet food products are eligible for return, but you must do so using the free Walmart Pet Care App.
You can find the link for the Walmart Pet Care App in the description box below.

Can You Return Pet Food To Walmart?

You can return pet food purchase to Walmart, regardless of whether you bought the wrong product, too much product, or your pet does not like it.

If you have purchased the pet food online, you can begin the return process for unopened food through the Walmart app or in-store at the customer service desk. To learn more about the process for pet returns, visit

How Long Do You Have To Return Pet Food To Walmart?

If your pet food is old, you can return it to Walmart within 90 days of purchase.

If you purchased from us, you have until 90 days to return the product. If you lost the receipt, call customer service so we can find out when you bought the item.

In addition to exchanging the product for up to 30 days from the date of purchase, you can also bring the product back to Walmart or visit a Walmart store if the product is in new and unused condition, has not been opened, and the packaging is in new and unused condition.

How Can You Return Pet Food To Walmart?

To return pet food items, please visit a Walmart store, call us at 888-222-5550 or visit the returns link at

It is possible to mail in an unopened pet food in the original packaging, but they sometimes depend on your local Walmart’s guidelines.

You can contact the store for more information by phone using the store locator, calling the customer service desk and asking for a manager, or by using their website.

Can You Return Pet Food To Walmart Without A Receipt?

If you find a receipt, it must be in one of 2 ways:
1. Written on the exterior of the packaging, and present in the package.
2. Written on the receipt itself, and affixed to the package.

Walmart’s customer data will be used to verify your return, and once the return is verified with our records, we’ll make sure to refund you.

Can You Return Pet Food To Walmart After 90 Days?

You cannot return pet food to Walmart once it is past the expiration date.

Returning pet food within 90 days of purchase, however, is against the store policy, and if you notice any of the below issues when you return your pet food, the store won’t accept it back. The product must be opened.

Can You Return Opened Pet Food To Walmart?

If you purchase groceries in Walmart, you can return all kinds of food, even if it has been opened within the 90-day returns window.

What Pet Food Items Cannot Be Returned To Walmart?

Walmart no longer has the authority or right to sell medical prescriptions online and they do not allow you to return or exchange them via mail.

In addition to regular foods, the dog mix will include all the vitamins and minerals that are important for your dog’s health.

If an item arrives damaged or defective, the store will replace them.
If the item you bought wasn’t the right size or color, you can return it at to get a refund.

If you want to make any inquiries about other items, you can contact customer care specialists at 1 (877) 753-4126.

And it’s not as if there aren’t other options besides Walmart, right? Well, Walmart might get the name because of its vast selection and low prices, but there’s plenty of other stores out there that cater to your needs, and for a lot less. It’s important to take care of your own health and the health of your family, so make sure you’re familiar with the laws in your area and find a reputable healthcare provider you can trust. It’ll give you a good start.


No one has ever been able to return a pet to Walmart only to be told that it was out of stock.

If a customer returns a product, we’ll check to see if the item is out of stock. If the item is in stock, we’ll refund the purchase price of the returned product less any sales tax you may have paid. If the item you returned is out of stock, we’ll refund the purchase price of the returned product less any sales tax you may have paid.

You can visit a store and return or exchange any pet food. You’ll need to show a valid photo ID at the time of return, but pet food is eligible for free return if it was purchased recently (not more than 30 days prior to pick up). You may also return pet food via the Walmart app.

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