Ikea Return Policy After 365 Days [full Guide]

IKEA is a world’s largest retailer of quality furniture. You can return any item as long as you contact the store within 365 days of purchase.

– You may sell any item that is more than 365 days old through the auction house.
– If you find that you want to return any item that is less than 365 days old, you may do so for free.

IKEA’s return policy is one of the best in the whole world! With a 365 day return policy, you have plenty of time to try it out! If you don’t like it, just return it!

IKEA Return Policy After 365 Days 2022

ikea is very strict on the return policy. If you have bought products from ikea and you are not sure if you can return it, it’s best that you reach out to ikea customer service as soon as possible. You may also want to visit your nearest ikea store for any additional information.

If you are an owner of a property and have a valid lease or rental agreement for the property, this agreement is valid for returns and exchanges for the specified period that the agreement covers.

On What Conditions Will IKEA Return An Item After 365 Days?

ikea’s official policy states that if an item is purchased and is returned after 365 days, IKEA will not provide a full refund.

1. Items are returned not worn or damaged.
2. Packages are returned within 14 days of purchase.
3. Returns shipping costs are paid by the consumer.

If your item is defective and you are still satisfied with it, most IKEA stores are willing to replace it.

The seller has the right to cancel the sale of the item or refund the purchase price, depending on their discretion when there are exceptional circumstances.

Please take note that you can only claim this refund if the product has been used.

Can You Return An Item To IKEA After 365 Days Without A Receipt?

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Please do not contact us for a refund unless you have previously arranged for the return of your merchandise.
To return items, please visit the IKEA store where our customer service representatives will be glad to help you.

If you are not given store credit, you may be given store credit equal to the lowest advertised price of that item. In case of return, you will have to show the store credit you will get when you return, then the store will give you the difference, if any, between the credit and original price of the item you bought.

For more information on the return process, please visit our guide here.
It includes information about the IKEA return form and the necessary documents, as well as detailed instructions on how to prepare your return.

Can You Return An Opened Item To IKEA After 365 Days?

When returning an opened item, if you were given a receipt, please include the receipt along with the opened item. The receipt will serve as proof of the purchase and proof that the item was opened within 365 days.

The packaging is the box your purchase came in when you bought it.

Can You Return A Damaged Item To IKEA After 365 Days?

ikea’s returns policy prohibits you from returning damaged items. Therefore, you will not be able to return a damaged item to IKEA after 365 days.

If you bought a product at IKEA, there’s a chance you may be able to return it to us for full refund or repair. For more information on returning damaged or faulty items, check out our detailed returns policy here.

Can You Return An Assembled Item To IKEA After 365 Days?

*IKEA:* You can return an assembled item to IKEA after 365 days. IKEA does not require items to be disassembled when being returned.
*You:* You can return an assembled item to IKEA after 365 days. IKEA does not require items to be disassembled when being returned.

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