Does Fedex Drug Test? (drivers, Handlers, Warehouse + Other Faqs)

When FedEx employees are working, they are often operating dangerous machinery or driving massive trucks. Having a chemical dependency can put them at risk, so the company works hard to keep their drivers and employees clean.

When it comes to FedEx’s drug testing policy, you can be sure that they are not the only ones that do this. In fact, they are one of many businesses that do drug testing policies. We have some information to share with you about the policy.

Does FedEx Drug Test In 2022?

A recent survey shows that almost all U.S. truck drivers believe they should have to take a drug test if they are asked, and 82 percent of those who have taken a drug test say they have had one of more drugs detected by the test, and 86 percent say they have never received a positive drug test.

We’ve got a lot more information about FedEx’s drug test and policy for this job. Read our entire guide for more facts and tips!

Why Does FedEx Drug Test?

FedEx has a history of being strict toward employees with a history of drug and alcohol use.

[Source]: For example, in the oil industry, most offshore oil platforms are a mile or more underwater.

[Source]: In the mining industry, the majority of mining sites are thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface.

Therefore, FedEx drug tests job applicants in an attempt to protect customers and employees.

What Kind of Drug Test Does FedEx Use?

A sample of your pee is taken to make sure you’re not using drugs. If you don’t have a drug problem, you probably won’t have any drugs in your urine.

This is the part, where most people I’m talking to, I’ve asked, the majority of people that I’ve talked to they do not consent to the taking of a bodily fluid. They’re asked to do it. And it’s part of the process, but they’re being asked to do it.

What Drugs Does FedEx Test For?

FedEx says it does not publically disclose the types of drugs it tests for. However, some drugs include common prescription drugs. For example, it tests for the presence of the pain medication Percocet.

The five-panel test consists of a pre-employment drug and alcohol test, a background check, a physical examination, a criminal history record check and a driving record check.

This statement is incorrect. It is true that this panel is intended solely for the use of law enforcement personnel to aid them in determining whether a person is under the influence of drugs.

If you are on any drug that could be considered a controlled substance, you should let the candidate know before the drug test.

The most important thing to know is that you can be tested for drugs when driving. There are different kinds of drug tests: urine, blood, hair and saliva.

To be able to deliver prescription drugs, it is crucial to keep a good health status, which can be hard for those who are on certain medications.

I have a friend who works at FedEx, and she said that they use the same system as the DOT drug tests.

On the other hand, it’s possible that FedEx uses the same five-panel test for all positions because it doesn’t care whether the position is entry level or senior leadership.

The company also stated that it requires a test for illegal substances and a more extensive test for drugs of addiction.

They are the main reason why you should check the manufacturer’s specifications of a brand new product before purchasing a new one.

When Does FedEx Drug Test?

FedEx conducts criminal background checks and drug tests after interviewing and hiring a candidate.

A few days later the recruiter will ask for a drug test. In other cases, the test could be the same day as the interview.

Does FedEx Drug Test Print Office Employees?

FedEx’s drug policy requires employees to take a urine test if they have consumed illegal or prescription drugs on four consecutive days during a 12-month period.

Does FedEx Drug Test Drivers?

Drug testing of FedEx drivers is required, and it’s especially important for drivers.

Drivers must be screened for narcotics through a breathalyzer, urinalysis and a blood test. If the driver is caught, he must take a drug treatment program for at least 30 days and pass an alcohol and drug test before he can get his license back.

If I do not have a prescription for a controlled substance, I am not getting a DUI, even if I think I am impaired. I would rather go to jail for possession of an illegal substance, than for drunk driving.

Does FedEx Drug Test Package Handlers?

What I’ve gathered is that a very small number of package handlers were actually tested.

A few people reported having to take a urine test. Many others report that FedEx managers are so desperate to hire that they do not enforce this requirement.

For FedEx Express, to be eligible to be considered for an opening, you must have a valid, active FedEx account. You must also provide documentation, upon request, regarding your application for FedEx Express employment. For FedEx Ground positions, you are eligible to be considered and you will be notified of the status of your application if you are eligible for consideration.

I guess you are right about Express being required to drug screen, however, it does not appear to be as common as Ground positions.

Package handlers face a Code of Conduct that covers how they treat customers. Still, the company has taken a very hands-off approach to the problems.

If you’re applying for this position, plan to be drug tested, you might even be required to be drug tested if you’re hired for this position.

Does FedEx Drug Test Operations Managers?

When you get promoted, you are required to go through the drug testing process.
But, it seems like if you are promoted to a higher level, you don’t have to test for something like cocaine.

Does FedEx Send You Off-Site to Drug Test?

However, it does make sense that other parts of the United States would be tested more frequently.

One employee mentioned that they took a test at the on-site location. Another mentioned that the third-party location was for those who were drug testing. The fourth mentioned that the drug testing procedure was done on-site.

How Long Does It Take to Get the Results From a FedEx Drug Test?

FedEx gets your drug test results within 24 to 48 hours of being ordered and will contact you in regards to the results.

What Happens If You Fail the FedEx Drug Test?

FedEx is legally required to contact you to let you know whether or not you passed the drug test. Most likely, the hiring manager is the one responsible for handling this information.

for most positions the drug test is a high stakes test. They try to make sure that candidates are clean of drugs, alcohol, and other substances that may impair their ability to perform their job.

If the reason for the test was you were fired for cause, then you will have to pay for your own test. If you have a physical condition or injury that requires you to undergo a drug test for a job, you may be eligible for a waiver from the employer.

If you have a drug test with FedEx fail a drug test, you might get fired or be suspended from your job. In some severe cases, your employer might refer you to drug treatment.

Can I Refuse a FedEx Drug Test?

If you ask for a drug test, there are likely consequences for both sides. You can lose your job, and the company can refuse to hire you.

Under this hypothetical, employers can make job offers contingent on drug screening. If that’s the case, not taking the test disqualifies you from the job.

Does FedEx Do Random Drug Testing After Hiring?

…there’s a specific drug that helps with the tests that they’ve developed.

If you read our previous posts on this topic, you will see that we have mentioned the potential for FedEx to get paid weekly and the potential for FedEx to get a contract with the USPS. We also have suggested that FedEx would be a better fit for UPS than vice-versa.


FedEx has its own drug test policy and it expects its employees to follow it. FedEx conducts drug tests on all new employees. The policy states that drug tests may be administered to anyone who has not had a test within the last two years. FedEx conducted a random drug test on November 24, 2016.

Urine drug tests are pretty accurate because THC, cocaine, PCP, opioids, and amphetamines are stored in the kidneys and liver.

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