Does T-mobile Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

Are you thinking of applying for a job at T-Mobile and have questions such as: does T-Mobile drug test? How do I know if they drug test job applicants? Are you wondering what type of drug test T-Mobile might perform? Well, I will answer all of these questions and more with this article.

If you believe that T-Mobile performs drug testing, then you’d better continue reading, as I’m about to give you all the information you need. And if you are wondering about the above sentence, it was a sarcastic way of saying that if you were T-Mobile, you’d better continue reading, because if you don’t, I might give you all the information you are after.

Does T-Mobile Drug Test?

To learn more about the T-Mobile drug testing policy, or if you have other questions related to the drug test, keep reading!

Does T-Mobile Have a Drug Test?

TMobile won’t drug test you as part of a pre-employment checklist, but it might vary by the job you’ve applied for and may or may not apply to all positions.

People who are in an upper management position can get a job without the need of taking a drug test and people who work in a company are not required to take a drug test.

How Often Does T-Mobile Drug Test?

Former employees said that T-Mobile doesn’t drug test, but some current employees said that T-Mobile does drug test.

Because you have to submit to random drug screening in order to get a job with T-Mobile.

In those situations, you’ll have to take a drug test, and you’ll need to be willing to complete it. In the meantime, you’re likely to receive a warning letter.

In an accident, you must take a drug test as well as a physical exam. The results of either test could lead to losing your benefits.

What Type of Drug Test Does T-Mobile Perform?

The odds are that you’ll have to take a urine drug test when your employer asks you to take one. However, your employer may be under no legal obligation to do so.

A urine drug screening is always cheaper than a urine drug test because they can be sent off to a lab and the lab’s drug test kits are cheaper than the office’s test kits.

What Drugs Does T-Mobile Test For?

The company has the right to demand this test.

The company has the right that if the test is positive, the customer will not be charged.

The company can issue a final warning and then suspend the customer.

Will T-Mobile Tell You Your Drug Test Results?

If you are asked to take a drug test, your employer will tell you whether you passed or failed for pre-employment or for suspicion of use on the job.

How Long Does It Take to Get T-Mobile Drug Test Results?

If you’re asked to take a drug test, T-Mobile will pay for the test and it will come back within a week on average.

There may be a delay in your getting your results of the drug test. This is because if you took the drug test on the weekend and your drug tests was sent to the lab.

I can see where the results might be delayed, with the lab being involved, but it seems to me that you can get your sample tested at a doctor’s office. That’s what I do, since I’m on a very limited income.

The test is not being processed at the laboratory and if the results don’t come back within 24 hours, T-Mobile will not have the results.


Many former employees for T-Mobile say that there was no drug test involved in the hiring process, they do not know why T-Mobile decided to drug test for employment.

T-Mobile could order a drug test at any time, like if they believe that you have been using drugs or if you have been in an accident while on the job.

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