Does Costco Drug Test? (all You Need To Know)

Costco has a reputation as one of the best retailers to work for. Staff can expect competitive salaries and opportunities to advance which can be why people want to work for the retailer.

There are a lot of companies that require drug testing. However, Costco is a little different. They drug test employees who have been accused of drug use, but in regards to a job application they don’t require a drug test.

Does Costco Drug Test In 2022?

Costco has strict drug and alcohol-free workplace policies. They offer a comprehensive drug test program that includes the collection and analysis of a wide variety of drugs. Costco also provides a wellness program that includes health screenings and life/work skills training.

To find out more information about what happens if you fail a Costco drug test, where you can get a Costco drug test, and how often Costco drug test, then read on.

What Type of Drug Test Does Costco Do?

Costco’s drug tests are performed by a “phlebotomist” through drawing blood, which in general can take 10-15 minutes.

With a swab test, drugs can be detected up to an hour after use, and remained detectable between 5-48 hours after use. This means Costco can carefully screen their employees.

Costco normally requires an applicant to provide their mouth swab for the drug testing procedure.

During the interview the on the spot drug test makes it less likely that the prospective employee is going to be taking illegal drugs.

What Drugs Does Costco Test For?

Some companies will also test for cocaine and many employers will test for controlled substances including Xanax, morphine, and Vicodin.

Costco may offer additional testing as a service but that is not standard.

What Happens In A Costco Drug Test?

Drug tests will be taken at both the company and branch level.

Costco will transport or send an employee who has been accused and convicted of an offense listed in the Consent Form to an off-site location where a drug test may be taken.

Once the results are complete, the evaluation is done and the results will be returned directly to Costco.

Costco will determine what happens next for the employee or potential employee. For example, if the test result shows the employee is not consuming marijuana, Costco will offer the employee an exit interview or the opportunity to apply for a position elsewhere. If the test result shows the employee is consuming marijuana or is under the influence of a controlled substance, Costco will terminate the employee’s employment.

How Often Does Costco Drug Test?

You may be asked to provide any form of identification to your drug test coordinator during the process of your drug test.

Costco can also inspect the contents of your shopping cart for drugs or alcohol-related paraphernalia, such as in your personal effects.

Does Costco Drug Test All Employees?

Employers may request employees to submit to a screening drug test that may or may not be a urinalysis. Costco will conduct such tests on a random and unannounced basis. Costco reserves the right to refuse employment to any applicant or employee whose illegal drug use or abuse is substantiated under any of the provisions of Section 11 of Chapter 6 of Title 21 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

This is used for safety reasons because Costco has seen employees take drugs in the past.

Can I Be Fired If I Fail A Drug Test At Costco?

Costco cannot fire you, but they can issue a drug test and if it turns up positive, the company will no longer be able to do business with you.

Costco employees who fail to test positive for drugs will be rewarded with cash bonuses of up to $2,500 every year.

There are some consequences at Costco who would threaten the safety of the employees.

Can I Fail A Costco Drug Test For Legalised Substances?

The Costco policy is that you can’t use drugs. If you fail a drug test for drugs that you are prescribed by your physician, the Costco policy is that they don’t care.

However, there is no medical reason to not hire a person who uses marijuana or other legalized substances in the workplace.

The Costco employees can’t work for them even if the marijuana is legalized in your state because it’s still federal and the federal government banned the marijuana, and not Costco.

Can I Refuse A Drug Test At Costco?

While at work, you must submit to drug testing. This is in accordance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act, and Costco is within their rights to legally refuse to hire you if they discover that you’ve previously tested positive.

An applicant who refuses to comply with Costco’s mandatory drug test will likely not be hired and will have to wait until after one year to work for Costco again.
If you’re unable to provide proof of having not taken an illegal drug within the last 72 hours then we can not offer positions to you.

If you refuse to take a drug test for an incident that happened at work, you may be fired and your job may be put at risk by a company.

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Conclusion: Do Costco Drug Test?

Costco strictly enforces its zero-tolerance drugs and alcohol policy, it is the new “zero tolerance” policy.

Costco will require all employees to pass random drug tests to ensure they do not use prohibited drugs which may harm Costco’s operations.

Employees who refuse or fail a drug test may be terminated, even for legalized substances. Ensure when applying for a job with Costco, your values are acceptable to their ethos.

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