How To Know If You Failed Amazon Drug Test? (Everything To Know..)

Amazon is one the most rapidly growing companies in North America. They hired a lot of people during a hiring spree that began in late 2020 and are now on track to be one of America’s largest private employers.

Amazon routinely requests that potential hires undergo background checks and drug testing before they are allowed to continue with the hiring process. This test will show that you have been using illegal drugs regularly (usually marijuana). If you fail a simple drug screening, Amazon will not hire you. How do you find out if you have failed the Amazon drug testing?

How to tell if you failed the Amazon Drug Test

Amazon will usually send an email within two days if you fail Amazon’s drug screening. You are also given the option of retaking the test, but Amazon won’t hire employees who fail to pass the drug test.

It’s common for Amazon to reject your job application during the hiring process. But will Amazon tell you why? It all depends on where you are in the hiring process. However, Amazon will usually let you know via email or in person.

A failed drug test can ruin your chances of landing a job. It’s best to keep clean during employment. Staying sober is a good idea, especially if you are expecting to work in a hazardous job like a forklift operator.

Amazon Will Re-Hire You After a Failed Drug Test

Failing a drug test does not mean you are out of luck. If you fail a drug test, your hiring manager will usually allow you to come back for a retest. You will be disqualified if you test positive for the same substance twice.

Because some false positives are sometimes found on tests, they make this decision. After you have failed the second test, your failed one will be kept in their system for 120-days. You can apply again to try again after this time.

It depends on whether you failed a drug screening while working. It’s highly likely that you will not be considered for rehiring if you cause an accident on the job.

You may be eligible to reapply if you are fired for testing positive for marijuana. You can apply again within 120 days if you were fired for testing positive for another prohibited substance.

Amazon does random drug testing

Some people will temporarily stop using illegal substances in order to pass pre-employment drug tests. Once they get hired, they may then continue to use them. Employers may need to random drug test employees in order to prevent safety concerns.

Although reports from current and former employees differ, it seems that Amazon is inconsistent in random drug testing. They are more common in certain areas than others, while some are not as frequent.

You can also ask your regional manager for details about specific policies. If they are unable to help, you can contact Human Resources to have an agent clarify the policies. All Fulfillment Center employees will be random tested for illicit substances at least once a month.

What is Amazon’s Drug Testing Process for Drugs?

While some policies may differ by region, there are certain common features to all Amazon’s drug testing policies.

  • After the background check, drug testing is done during pre-hiring.
  • No drug test is performed at orientation or on the first day. Before you are hired, the drug test is performed.
  • A mouth swab is used for testing, and not a hair sample or blood test. However, the swab test does not detect certain substances like marijuana.
  • You will be tested again if you are responsible for an accident on the job or if you are suspected to have used illegal substances at work. These tests could include hair follicle testing or blood samples.
  • Random drug testing is usually only done on selected employees so there’s a possibility you won’t be tested.
  • Common recreational drugs like opiates, cocaine and benzodiazepines are all being tested.

Amazon Employees Test for Marijuana Use

Amazon is known for being strict in this area, but they have relaxed their drug policies lately due to political developments. Amazon announced in June that they would no more drug test employees for marijuana. Amazon made this announcement for a few reasons:

  • First, legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana use is becoming more common in the US. This inconsistency makes it difficult for companies to adopt inclusive policies. Amazon has therefore decided to eliminate marijuana testing.
  • Statistics show that marijuana testing has a disproportional impact on people of color, which can have a negative effect on their job prospects. Amazon decided not to disqualify potential workers based on marijuana testing in order to make these communities more inclusive.
  • Amazon also pledged to support the spreading of pro-marijuana legislation, such as The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021. This federal law would legalize marijuana, and expunge records of those convicted of marijuana-related crimes.

If you have been previously disqualified from Amazon employment due to failing the drug screening for marijuana, you can now reapply. However, there are some limitations: If you were involved in an accident at work, you will still need to be tested for all drugs.

It is still illegal to test positive for any other drug. Because their employment is regulated by the transportation authority, some positions, like delivery driver, still require testing for marijuana use.

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Amazon employs hundreds of thousands. There are many positions available, from warehouse workers to software developers to more senior ones. Amazon has so many job openings and employees, so it is important to make sure that Amazon hires qualified people.

Amazon will usually send an email to inform you if you fail a drug test.

You can retake the test to be rehired and reapply for Amazon.

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