Does Aldi Warehouse Drug Test? (Everything To Know!)

You might be interested in working in an Aldi warehouse or know someone who is. One of these doubts can relate to the steps that must be taken before you are actually considered for the job.

Many jobs require that you pass a drug test to ensure you are free from any type of addiction.

Aldi enjoys a good reputation. Around 80% of employees agree that it is a great place for work. However, Aldi is very strict about hiring new staff.

You can find out if Aldi requires you to submit to a drug test.

Is Aldi Warehouse Drug Testing?

Aldi drug tests its warehouse workers. Also, all employees at Aldi must pass the drug test. This includes full-time employees and part-time workers.

All of this is part of Aldi’s code of conduct which stipulates that employees cannot work or be present at the company if they are under the influence or any other drug or alcohol.

This includes any involvement with drugs of any kind, including selling, buying or being involved in the production of illegal drugs.

Aldi makes every effort to make this part of the process as detailed and comprehensive as possible so they can avoid any legal issues or inconveniences that could damage the company.

Does Aldi Urine Drug Test?

Yes, Aldi uses the urine test. Aldi doesn’t perform mouth swabs, or any other drug test.

What is the Aldis Drug Test?

Aldi’s drug testing will look for drugs in your urine. It will take several days before you get the results.

This test is for THC, Cocaine and Opiates. These are the most commonly used ones.

Are you required to pass a drug test to work at Aldi

To work for Aldis, you must pass a drug test. Aldi conducts drug tests on all new applicants as part of the hiring process. If you fail, you will be fired.

You will not hear back from them again if the test is positive. They are extremely careful about this matter.

If you’re still interested in applying for the job after being rejected, it’s best to wait at least six months. Also, avoid any drug use or anything that is related to them. This will give you a chance of redemption and possibly a job at Aldi.

Is Aldi Drug Testing on the Spot?

Aldi rarely tests for drugs on-the-spot and will often send you to a place that is more suitable.

Don’t be too concerned about it. It’s an easy process that you can complete in a short time.

Does Aldi Drug Test After Hired?

Although drug tests are a major part of the hiring process for most employees, Aldi may also conduct drug tests if necessary.

They have the right to suspect someone of using drugs. To avoid any suspicions, a drug test is required.

Aldi Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Aldi’s Code of Conduct outlines a few guidelines to ensure a safe environment.

  • So that immediate action can take place, report any ergonomic or unsafe conditions to management.
  • It is illegal to work, operate machinery or vehicles for Company or be present at Company premises, or any other location that provides services for Company.
  • It is against the law to use, possess, buy, sell, or manufacture illegal drugs while on Company premises, or while providing services for the company.
  • It is unacceptable to threaten, intimidate, or use violence against anyone at work, whether they are co-workers, customers, business partners, or customers.
  • Employees are not allowed to bring firearms or knives onto Company property unless it is permitted by law.

Is Aldi open to Marijuana Use in Some States?

As you probably know, marijuana is legal in certain states. If you plan to apply to Aldi as an employee, it won’t be illegal. It’s more complicated than that.

Aldi has not made an official statement about marijuana use in legal states. This could indicate that marijuana consumption is still prohibited for Aldi employees.

Some people bring marijuana to the drug test, but this is not a common practice. The job might be available to someone who can prove that they have medically necessary reasons.

Reddit is an excellent place to start if you are looking for more information about this topic. It may give you insight from others who have been through it and will be more than happy to share their thoughts.

Some people claim they do drug testing occasionally, but it is important to be ready for drug testing according to Aldi standards.

Even if marijuana is legal in your state, Aldi might not be so friendly to the consumption of this drug.

It is best to be honest and do your best.

Learn more about Aldi. You can find out more about Aldi Pickup by visiting our related posts.


Each business, big or small, must be careful when hiring. Unwanted behaviors such as drug use, and toxic behavior can cause serious problems.

These are difficult consequences to manage so it is best to avoid them all. Aldi has a strict approach to drug testing and hiring.

While drug testing is mostly a part the hiring process, suspicions of drug-related behavior or practices will be brought to the attention of Aldi’s manager. This may be a reason to repeat the drug test.

If you plan to be hired by Aldi and are clean and ready for the job, you don’t need to worry. This is a precautionary measure that will let you know you will be in a controlled environment.

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