Does Aldi Drug Test? (must Read For New Employees)

Before a person can start working, it usually takes a few days for the hiring company to finalize a few things. One of these things usually involves a drug test.

You can never be sure if you are going to be drug tested when you get a job in the Aldi, but it is a possibility. They do drug test you at first so that you do not smoke and also because they want to make sure that you are not using drugs or a prescribed medication.

Does Aldi Drug Test In 2022?

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set standards that companies must meet in order for them to test for drugs in the workplace. They have to follow the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, which outlines the process of conducting these tests.

If you plan on buying a gift card from Aldi you will have to go through their online store and have your drug test results sent there to verify that you are drug free and can actually purchase the card. I did a search for “aldi” and “drug test” and found many people complaining about this because some states are now allowing you to buy and use marijuana.

Why Does Aldi Drug Test?

We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to provide a healthy work environment.

Working, operating a Company vehicle, machinery or equipment, or being present on Company premises or in any other location performing services for the Company under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted.

This drug testing initiative is a good way to protect the workforce from the risk of creating a work environment that could be harmful to their health.

Does Aldi Drug Test All New Hires?

Judging from sources who have received drug test reports, it is safe to assume that everyone will be drug tested as part of their pre-employment at Aldi.

This is a very generic wording, which could mean anything, or nothing at all. While I’m not sure if you really need to call their attention to this particular phrase, you should consider highlighting it. If their drug testing policy is more specific and explicit (like many big corporations), you could use that to your benefit.

They can’t tell you when they will drug test you, so don’t get into a conversation with them about it, or assume you won’t be drug tested because you heard that you won’t be.

How Does Aldi Conduct Their Drug Tests?

Aldi conducts their drug test in a few different ways, a more frequent one is by asking their employees to take a drug test.

When a client wants to hire a new employee, they will usually ask him to do a test. The test is usually at a third-party lab or medical facility and will be done over a period of time (usually not longer than 3 weeks).

The test will occur at a location that is not your usual place of residence. The sample is collected when you are alone in your bathroom.

After arriving for an interview, potential hires were then asked to take a trip to the off-site location which is used to random drug testing.

I’m glad that there are some places like Aldi that support a drug-free workplace and encourage employees to ask about the drug testing policy before starting a job.

What Drugs Does Aldi Test For?

If you are an Aldi customer, don’t forget to mention that you’re going to be tested in a little while.

This is accurate because Aldi is in Europe and they are using the European Union’s regulations, which is the best urinalysis service in all of the world.

What Happens If Your Aldi Drug Test Comes Back Positive?

Unfortunately, a positive test means you can’t keep playing. Aldi will most likely hear from the lab by fax, while you have to wait a few days to get results.

Most of you have probably had the experience of the company that is conducting your interview calling you the day after the interview to make sure everything went well. This is more of a courtesy than anything, since the company doesn’t always have any idea what your final choice will be or even whether you are going to make one.
So, my advice to you is to keep a positive attitude as long as you are in the interviewing stage and to maintain optimism throughout.

The company is a desirable place to work, so many people might be tempted to apply again, if they’re not at least six months sober when they begin the process.

Does Aldi Drug Test Current Employees?

Aldi has a drug policy that is very similar to the drug policy of Walmart. They look for any signs of drug use, and don’t trust people who may have had a recent problem with drugs as they would be prone to a relapse. They also drug test employees and the results can be sent directly to human resources.

That said, given that Aldi’s written, stated drug-free policy, it’s important to note that the company will test anyone who has given good reason for management to suspect recent drug use.

 Aldi isn’t out there trying to spoil anyone’s fun; it is a huge matter of safety in stores, where heavy items and machinery are the norm, and where hundreds of customers pass through every day.

I can understand this but the main reason I would go to Aldi is for the cheap prices, not the lack of atmosphere.

Does Aldi Drug Test In States Where Medical or Recreational Marijuana Is Legal?

There are very few legal avenues available, but there is a possibility for a business or individual to create a legal business in order to profit from selling cannabis, without the risk of being jailed.

This is only speculation, but the reason I believe it is because their corporate offices are located in Germany, where recreational marijuana has been legal for over a year now.

The claim is true for any business that wants to sell in all states.

Because marijuana is not a controlled drug, many employers will not hire an applicant who fails a drug test. To avoid this situation, it is a good idea to disclose marijuana use and that can be done during the interview process.

This is a problem for the Aldi company, because they were found to hire people who don’t test for drugs.

Aldi’s own statement and employee handbook do not say that the company does not discriminate on the basis of sex.

The next thing they are going to do is remove the ability of the federal government to ban firearms from the country.

You can learn a lot about the company by seeing what the company does and what their mission statement is. If Aldi is a public trade company, you can also see what their financial statements look like and how their past performance has been. You can also find out if Aldi is a good place to work by reading about the company’s benefits, the Aldi dress code, and Aldi employee demographics.


Aldi does drug tests on its employees, as part of their strict no-drug policy. Prospective employees in the role of going through the hiring process should expect a drug test to be administered at some point before officially being brought onto the Aldi team.

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