Does Petsmart drug Test? (all You Need To Know) 

All stores have policies, which have been in place for several decades, prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol for employees and conduct drug tests for new hires to make sure customer service is not affected negatively.

 In the United States, it is illegal to deny employment to an individual solely because he or she has taken or currently takes certain drugs. But PetSmart has a general drug-free drug policy for all employees. In addition to this, PetSmart has four (4) specific drug-free drug policies for applicants, current employees, new employees, and part-time employees.

Does PetSmart Drug Test In 2022?

(2) If an employee tests positive for illegal drugs or excessive alcohol or has been involved in an accident and cannot provide documentation of a valid prescription for the prescribed controlled substance, the employee shall be terminated immediately, and the company has no further obligation to provide the employee with a safe work environment.

For more information on how PetSmart drug test you, what substances PetSmart tests for, and what happens If you fail a drug test, keep on reading!

Does PetSmart Drug Test New Employees? 

PetSmart is a company that has a strict policy against drugs and alcohol. You can only get a job if you pass a drug test.

Please fill the form out and include the reason why you believe the employee is not on the clock.

It’s up to your employer if you need to be drug tested or not. Please note that drug tests are common in the service industry, such as the cleaning industry.

Furthermore, if you’re asked to take a drug test, the company requires that you complete it within 48 hours. This includes any tests that may be used for any other reason.

Does PetSmart Drug Test For Internal Promotions?

Online reports from other employees claim that you will not be required to take a drug test to secure an internal promotion at PetSmart.

Exceptions are if you have been in an accident at PetSmart or if PetSmart has reasonable cause to suspect that you are using drugs or alcohol.

They will give you two different options for taking a drug test. You can take a urine test and bring your own sample or they will provide you with a sample.

Does PetSmart Do Random Drug Tests? 

Similar to most other retailers, PetSmart can randomly drug test its employees. Also, like most other retailers, PetSmart can fire its employees who use drugs.

I’m not sure all of these situations would require a drug test, but it would certainly be appropriate for situations where you knew an employee was under the influence.

Does PetSmart Drug Test For Prescription Medication? 

You will need to provide your prescription medication with you and will have the opportunity to share the name and dosage of your medication at the time of your appointment.

At PetSmart, employees are told it’s not acceptable to show up to work under the influence of pills that could impair their ability to do their jobs.

To ensure a positive test for this reason, it is necessary to notify your employer about the medical conditions you are on. It is best to wait to apply for your next job until the test is over.

How Does PetSmart Drug Test Its Employees?

PetSmart hired a third-party facility (Sprint) to perform drug tests for employees and return the results back to PetSmart after compilation.

The PetSmart drug test is usually done with a urine test, which is analyzed by a third party, such as LabCorp.

Before you can complete your PetSmart drug test, you must take the test and get your results within 48 hours from when you got the kit. The results are delivered directly to PetSmart at any time during the next week.

They also have an employment verification process for new employees that includes a drug test, a background check, and a criminal record check.

What Does PetSmart Drug Test For?

PetSmart usually conducts a five-panel drug test on employees which searches for drugs such as cannabis, amphetamines, THC, PCP, and opiates.

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At the same time, the company is also developing a new system to detect the levels of intoxication in employees.

What Happens If I Fail My PetSmart Drug Test? 

If you fail a PetSmart drug test, you will not get the job and your process will be terminated which is common for the industry.

On the other hand, if you fail your drug test, you will likely face repercussions at PetSmart and may even be fired.

You’re not alone in needing that extra hand to help with your work.

PetSmart’s drug and alcohol-free policy has a number of serious problems. For example, if a dog tested positive and the owners could prove that it was not on the premises at the time of the test, the positive result will get thrown out of court as irrelevant.

Can I Reapply To PetSmart if I Fail My Drug Test? 

While the majority of employers have some discretion over how they enforce drug free workplace policies, PetSmart’s policy provides that it will terminate employment if they find that you have violated the policy or that you have a drug use problem. This policy can only be changed by PetSmart.

Although your name will be kept on file, you won’t be flagged and your info won’t be shown to the company if you have a negative drug test later on.

To increase your chances of getting employed, you should wait a while before reapplying and should explain your situation to the PetSmart manager.

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The drug and alcohol-free policy is a requirement if you wish to work for a pet retail company. For safety reasons, it requires you to be drug free and have a clean record.

You may be asked to take a drug test after an accident at PetSmart to make sure you are fit to return to work. If you fail a drug test at PetSmart, you will likely be terminated from your employment.

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